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Dome Pondering Import - Big Mac's Undeserved Hall Attack

With the recent induction of the 2006 class into the Baseball Hall of Fame, the focus turned towards next year and it's interesting nominees. Up for induction is Cal Ripken. Consecutive game record, pioneer offensive shortstop and all around classy guy. He is a lock. Also up for induction is Tony Gywnn. Unbelievable hitter and outstanding humanitarian around the game. He, is also a lock. There are many others who are debatable, however, a third man was amongst this inevitable hall of fame group and was also considered a "lock". That man was Mark McMgwire. After the remarkable 98' season and his superman-like effort of resurrecting baseball post-strike, his legacy and image has been tarnished by what else - steroids. The following is a piece written for a sport management class regarding McGwire's bid for the Hall.

Our World Has Changed

Terrorism... February 26th, 1993. World Trade Center bombed. Severe building damage. Towers remain intact. 6 dead. 1,000 severly injured. July 26th, 1994. London, England. Israeli Embassy Attack. Car-bomb wounded twenty - including children. March 20th, 1995. Tokyo Subway System. Sarin Gas Attack. 12 dead. 6000 severly injured. April 19th, 1995. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Oklahoma Federal Building-bombed. 168 dead. 19 of them, children. Largest domestic terrorist attack in U.S. history. November 11th, 1995. Colombo, Sri Lanka. Suicide bombing. U.S. army headquarters. 15 dead. February 25th - March 4th, 2006. Series of four suicide bombings. 60 dead. 284 wounded. July 27th, 1996. Atlanta, Georgia. Centennial Olympic Park. Bombed. 1 dead. 111 wounded. February 24th, 1997. Empire State Building. Man opens fire. Claims U.S. is "enemy of palestine". 13 dead. Many more wounded. August 7th, 1998. U.S. Embassy bombings. Tanzania and Kenya. 225 dead. 4,000 injured. October 12th, 2000. U

The Unpredictable Destiny Road

Destiny. It is a term so often used by many to describe their goal in the midst of facing adversity and hardship. It is a phrase that is so often described as an event which is so predictable, it's outcome seems inevitable and just. It is a word, so frequently used with arrogance and egotism, that it's essence of a meaning has been diminished by man's overused and self-absorbed thinking. According to, "Destiny" is defined as, "A predetermined course of events considered as something beyond human control". The meaning supports the claim that there is a path already set in which an individual's life will follow. A path so surely set in stone, that there is no getting around it. Whether the outcome is one of success or failure, Destiny is so overpowering, that it bares no mercy on it's victims. Destiny. A clear cut term. Very black and white in it's existence. Either it is, or it isn't. To be, or not to be. Or is it? In an ar