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Pondering with Plumtree - Open Letter to "Fix" Mrs. Carter's Company

Pondering with Plumtree is a column on the popular blog, TNAsylum, that is written by yours truly. The blog is focused towards being a fan site for TNA Wrestling fans where they can get news, rumors, opinions, and any and everything else, TNA Wrestling. Known as "The Haven for TNA Wrestling Fans", I'm hoping to bring some of my thoughts to an already impressive roster of columnist for as long as the site will have me. You can read the latest column here , or in the text below.

2014 State of the Union Reaction

If you read (which you should ) the Dome Pondering 2013 Year in Review, you know that I wasn't particularly happy with the year of results from our President. Receiving the Dome Pondering "Biggest Letdown of the Year" award might be fun and games, but in all seriousness, the first year of President Obama's second term was a disaster.  Because of that, I really was looking forward to his State of the Union address this year. Would he acknowledge the tough year? What are his plans? What key issues will he touch on? Of course, what are his plans to solve them? Barring a few points, unfortunately, much of the President's rhetoric sounded like something we've heard in the past. President Obama is such a great, charismatic, and gifted speaker, it becomes easy to get lost in the realm of his charm, but this year's speech sounded very similar to last years.

Pondering with Plumtree - No Limits and No Gimmicks

Pondering with Plumtree is a column on the popular blog, TNAsylum, that is written by yours truly. The blog is focused towards being a fan site for TNA Wrestling fans where they can get news, rumors, opinions, and any and everything else, TNA Wrestling. Known as "The Haven for TNA Wrestling Fans", I'm hoping to bring some of my thoughts to an already impressive roster of columnist for as long as the site will have me. You can read the latest column here , or in the text below.

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 1/26/14

3 Up 1. Carmelo Anthony 62 Point Game - One of the best Knicks game I've ever seen. Melo was just in one of those zones where everything was going right. It was great to see history, and also to have the MSG building record belong to a Knick once again. 2. Richard Sherman Aftermath - After several overreaction from many ( Richard Sherman Interview Proved We Are Classless ), Sherman responded perfectly with several interviews where he came off forgiving, articulate, poised, and most of all, truthful. 3. Bill Cosby Returning to TV - The Cosby Show is my favorite TV show of all-time. The idea that Bill Cosby is currently in the works of producing another show is pretty exciting stuff. 3 Down 1. Justin Beiber - This kid is such a moron. I truly hope they throw the book at him. 1a. Justin Beiber Adult Entourage Members - If Beiber isn't a wreck, how sad is it to think there are grown adults in his entourage who protect and encourage his behavior? Especially

Carmelo's 62 Will Always Be Ours

Credit: USA Today - Sports "62?!!"  That was my response when one of my student-workers told me the news of what Carmelo had done last night. We were watching the Universty's men's team finish their game against a conference opponent, and we anticipated the long night as we transformed our athletic facility from a basketball set up to hold over 2,000 people into a set-up for a fencing tournament the next day.  I knew going in it was going to be a long night. I knew I was going to miss my beloved Knicks. I figured with their recent play, maybe it wasn't such a bad idea that I took a break from them.

Richard Sherman Interview Proved We Are Classless

It's safe to say Richard Sherman is now a household name. After the now infamous interview with Erin Andrews, which more resembled something that belonged on pro wrestling programming, the nation took aim and fired away at it's new public enemy number one. After all, his comments were shocking, far from the monotonous, repetitive jabber we are used to. You know, the rhetoric that is probably an already prepared statement in the NFL's handbook for athletes on how to handle the media.  No one saw it coming. It was live television, and it was raw, emotional, and as real as it gets. Something we don't ever get after these games. Rasheed Wallace's epic, "Both teams played hard" mantra immediately comes to mind. Gotta love that awesome presser from 'Sheed. Classic.

The IF Factor: Questions Answered #331-340

331. If you had to pick the worst movie in history, which one would get the dubious honor? There are so many. Seriously, sometimes I wonder how some films receive funds to be made, and further, who gives it the green light to be placed on DVD to be documented forever? Off the top of my head right now, I'll go with Click or That's My Boy . Yes, safe to say I'm not a huge Adam Sandler guy. 332. If you could have discovered one medical cure in history, which one would you choose? Penicillin. Seema pretty practical now, and really cures a lot of illnesses that are now minor, but not so much before this beauty of a discovery.

Celebrating Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - 2014

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 1/19/14

3 Up 1. Helpful Stranger - A mother's blog this week made the associate press. Her post about her appreciation and thankfulness for a passenger who sat next to her autistic daughter and made the trip easier for them was indeed a great read.  2. Peyton Manning - Another big win and another trip to the Super Bowl for possibly the greatest quarterback of this generation. Manning critics always find reasons to discredit his ability, and they were just waiting to do so if he fell to Brady and the Pats today which did not happen.  3.  Lebroning - It's about time LeBron James gets some flak for his flopping and acting to which the referees grant him the benefit of the doubt for. This latest fad is quite hilarious. I would totally see myself doing this if I were in Junior High School again.  3 Down 1. Absurd Man - Nothing much to say here. This guy is suing a kid and his family after the kid threw his helmet after a walkoff hit (as customary in baseball) and the

Dome Pondering Movie Review: Take Me Home (2011)

What is it about?  Claire and Thom both lead lives they are not entirely truthful about and have been running from for a longtime. In a turn of events that has lead them on a road trip to California, they learn to face their problems together.  Who is in it?  Sam Jaeger - Thom Amber Jaeger - Claire

Extinct! - The Disappearance of the Pure Wrestling Fan

When I was younger, I remember eagerly awaiting my father to come home from work on specific days. Sure, I was happy to see him, but most importantly, I knew he was bringing home VHS cassette tapes of wrestling. We didn't have cable, couldn't afford it, and if we did, we surely weren't going to order pay-per-view. But he did have a co-worker who would tape the events and send them home with my dad for me.  I watched everything. Seriously, EVERYTHING. I watched WCW. I watched WWF. Once I found out about the other tapes he had (SMW, ECW, AWA, NWA), I watched those too. If it was professional wrestling, I was into it.  Coming off a week in which I watched Raw , Impact , Smackdown , New Japan Pro Wrestling's Wrestle Kingdom 8 event, and this week's Ring of Honor TV, I had a heavy dose of wrestling. And yes, a good variety of it. Again, I have this sick addiction to pro wrestling. Always have. At this point in my life, I'm sure I always will.

Walking Away Points From Tony Bosch 60 Minutes Interview

You have to admit, Alex Rodriguez continues to push the bar and raise the level of drama, controversy, unbelievable-ness (should be a word), and flat out head shaking. Again (and possibly forever), he is the most intriguing athlete I've ever seen in my lifetime.  After this past Sunday's 60 Minutes piece featuring a sit-down interview with Anthony Bosch, Robert Manfried, and Joe Tacopina, the veil on this entire case that has been brewing with hidden truths, unanswered questions, and fearful uncertainties were exposed.  It was a well-done interview by the show and one that really progressed the never-ending story of Alex Rodriguez. Here is a few tidbits I took away from the 60 Minutes feature piece.

The IF Factor: Questions Answered: #321-330

321. If you could have been the person who discovered any country in history, which country would you like to have been the first to find? Discovering the United States would have been nice, but we all know the really story on that one, and if you didn't know, people where here first. Still amazing Columbus has a national holiday dedicated to him. However, I'm going to go with all of the Caribbean islands. All of them, because I'm being greedy on my imaginary exploration legacy. It would be nice to have been the one to have discovered them. Can you imagine getting off a boat from Europe and seeing warm weather and those beaches?  322. If you had to cancel one hour of the day, every day, which hour would you eliminate? The hour of 3:00pm to 4:00pm. It just drags at work, and always feels like the longest hour of the day.

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 1/12/14

3 Up 1. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady - Both men, after all of these years, continue to dominant the quarterback position in football. It's quite shocking that again, it is both men leading their teams into next week's Broncos/Patriots showdown with a trip to the Super Bowl at stake.  2.  WWE Network  - Kudos to Vince McMahon and company on doing something overtly different with their Network, their massive video library, and future programming by streaming it online, via apps, and through Smart TVs. Cable is slowly becoming a thing of the past, and the WWE is on the wave of the future.  3. Amar'e Stoudemire - For a week, Stoudemire looked like his old self. For an athlete to decline rapidly as he has due to injuries, it's awesome for Stoudemire to not complain about playing time and make excuses, but rather continue to help the Knicks in any way possible.  3 Down   1. Polar Vortex - I hate winter. But this week was not winter, this week took winter

Dome Pondering Movie Review: The Way Way Back (2013)

What's it about? A shy fourteen year old, Duncan, goes on summer vacation with his mother, her over-bearing and insensitive boyfriend, and her boyfriend's daughter. Duncan breaks through and finds happiness during the trip by working at a water park and through a new friend in Owen.  Who is in it? Liam James - Duncan Steve Carrell - Trent Toni Collette - Pam Sam Rockwell - Owen

Pondering with Plumtree - Weathering the Storm

Pondering with Plumtree is a column on the popular blog, TNAsylum, that is written by yours truly. The blog is focused towards being a fan site for TNA Wrestling fans where they can get news, rumors, opinions, and any and everything else, TNA Wrestling. Known as "The Haven for TNA Wrestling Fans", I'm hoping to bring some of my thoughts to an already impressive roster of columnist for as long as the site will have me. You can read the latest column here, or in the text below.

Hall of Fame Votes: Why Not 100%?

No one is perfect. And in the world of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, no entry is. At least that is the reasoning and rule many baseball writers, and more importantly, those with votes, have operated under for as long as the HOF has been around.  We've heard, read, and seen the ridiculous argument around this notion - Babe Ruth didn't get 100% of the votes, so really, no one should . Stupid. It continues to be quite the asinine benchmark for Hall of Fame voters.  With the official announcement of the 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame class set for Wednesday, this is the focus regarding this year's names and ballot. Yes, the steroid issue still remains a topic with names such as Bonds, Clemens, McGwire, and Sosa (No one will EVER vote for Palmeiro) still on the ballot. However, the idea of unanimous voting as Greg Maddux's name makes its way on there as well should be highly interesting. All baseball fans are simply awaiting the the answer to that question - w

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 1/5/13

3 Up 1. New Year, New Hope - I'm a big fan of New Years Eve. As you can tell by the DP's biggest post of the year being the Year in Review post ( 2013 Dome Pondering Year in Review ), I like looking back on the year, reflecting on all that it offered, and looking forward to another blessed year.  2. Indianapolis Colts - It's very easy to give up in life, especially in sports. Even more so in football when you are down twenty-eight at halftime. But Indy didn't, and they pulled of one quite the comeback in one of the most fun football games I've ever watched.  3. The Goldbergs - With plenty of time around the apartment over the past two days due to frigid weather, I decided to take a chance and try a new show. Not very like me. Yet, I'm glad I did as the Goldbergs is insanely hilarious, and reminds me of a comedic version of one of my favorite shoes ever in The Wonder Years. Give it a try as well.  3 Down 1.  Alabama Mom  - This is what is wro

Dome Pondering Movie Review: Man of Steel (2012)

What is it about? A young man is forced to figure out the purpose of his life and abilities by defending Earth from his own race.  Who is in it?  Henry Cavill - Clark Kent/Kal-El Amy Adams - Lois Lane Michael Shannon - General Zod

Buzz, Intrigue, and Excitement - A New Year of Honor?

It was just over a year ago when I shared some thoughts on the status of Ring of Honor. In pretty much wrapping up the idea, the post was titled, " What the Heck Happened to ROH? " Truthfully, at that time it felt like the third largest national company in the United States disappeared. There was no buzz, no excitement, and no reason to watch at all. Seriously, at all.  During that time, ROH existed only by results and hearsay, and at the very least, the recommendation of the die hard ROH fan. If a company doesn't have any buzz, does it exist at all?

Dome Pondering Movie Review: The Heat (2013)

What is it about?  An uptight federal agent and a liberal, foul-mouthed Boston detective are forced to work together to bring down a huge drug lord.  Who is in it?  Sandra Bullock - Sara Ashburn Melissa McCarthy - Mullins