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Trump Conviction: Hard to Describe This Time in History

You just have to shake your head at the reality of the situation.  A former President of the United States was just convicted - on several counts - of a crime.  It's the kind of thing, even in a post-Trump Presidency, where even strange things seem normalized, going too far is desensitized, and you ultimately laugh hysterically at the uber strangeness to suppress the sadness, that even this - THIS! - is still attention-grabbing.  It's no secret if you follow this site - I'm no Trump supporter. I understand why voters elected him in 2016 and struggle to understand why so many stay with him through it all for a 2024 campaign.  We've reach a new level where American voters will outright neglect crimes, and vote to elect a convicted felon as President of the United States. It's quite hard to describe this time in history.  Yet, here we are.  Several other quick thoughts:  I still wonder whether Trump wins or loses, how does the Republican party move on after Trump? I do

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 5/26/24

3 Up 1. Memorial Day Weekend - It's the unofficial start to summer. Most importantly, it's a weekend to remember those who lost their lives for this nation. Hope you were able to utilize the extra time on the weekend to do it all.  2. Katrina Hero Story - I need a story like this every so often, and quite frankly, we need more of these human-interest stories in the mainstream. There is good out there!  3. Target  and Walmart - Sure, we are seeing these stores dial it back after trying to get greedy in the current climate, however, it's still a good thing that we're getting stores becoming more conscious of the American shopper pysche. And also, just the reality of the climate.  3 Down 1. Missionaries Killed - Heartbreaking. Absolutely heartbreaking. I have a soft spot for missionaries, who literally are a great example of caring for the most dire straights in life (and on this planet). To see this story is so sad.  2. Imnternational Criminal Court - This gets the down

Turning 39 - One Last Go-Around in My 30s

I turn 39 today, and everything I read in regards to such a "milestone" is that it's dealing with the anxiety of turning 40. The big 4-0!  Yet, I sit here punching the keys completely unaware of fears, trepidations, and emotions towards the future. Instead, I find myself immersed in the present - in exactly that, 39. I also find myself slightly looking back on the road to get here - my final year in my 30s.  I look back on my thoughts on turning 30 ( Praying on a Cool Thirty ) and, ironically, I very much vibe and can feel the essence of where I was at the time. At the time, turning thirty meant a whoooooooooooole sort of different expectations and responsibilities. I am in that same place - a center of gratitude for the journey. My 30s have been a ride.  For me, I became a father, and I lost my father. I lost one of my best friends, yet, I gained another in my son - and then a second one just recently. I finished coursework on my second Masters degree, and I also watch

The Caitlin Clark Effect and What It Reveals About Us

Caitlin Clark is the most scrutinized athlete since LeBron James.  That's my take.  And in today's sports landscape, you not only do you need to have a "take", but you having one about Caitlin Clark is trendy - perfect for said sports take.  But on the real, the current rhetoric around Caitlin Clark and the "Caitlin Clark Effect" as we've seen throughout women's basketball has stirred some of the most ridiculous narratives, conversations, and evaluations we've seen yet since the "take" has become how we measure engagement and profound discourse in sports.  Only a few games into her professional basketball career, we've heard it all... She's only popular because she's a straight white female! If the WNBA were smart, they would ease up and let Clark entertain the way she did at Iowa! Not sure why the women in the WNBA hate her - they oughta be thanking Clark for private travel! The WNBA players are jealous of Clark! Why are on

Quick Ponder: Health, Happiness, and Tina Turner

Moving into  this phase of  health, my family's happiness,  and that Tina Turner "Proud Mary" transition-dancing kind of joy.

Disappointed It's Over. Glad It Happened - "I Love This Friggin Team"

I'm disappointed.  Not because I expected a championship. No, that feeling has been very rare within my Knicks fandom.  I'm disappointed because this season is now over. Done. The ride, the thrill, the heartache, and the overwhelming way this team gets me amped and carries me through my personal life is over.  I loved this season. I LOVE THIS TEAM.  This Knicks team, for me, is just short of that 98-99 squad that I still hold as my all-time favorite. If you know me personally, yes, that is the team (and playoff run) in which I wore my Knicks "Hubert Davis" jersey to school every day (literally, every day - to the point my parents received a phone call from the school). Ahh yes, that team that was the #8 seed that ran it all the way to the NBA Finals.  I wasn't ready for it to end, but not only was it inevitable, but not sustainable. And how fitting, rather than losing on a buzzer-beater, or a fluke call, or something that would've likely left me in a mood and

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 5/19/24

3 Up 1. Knicks - I'm biased. And you already know that. Our season ended today, and quite frankly, I'm in awe of what this team was able to overcome this season. My boys in the top spot. Don't come at me... 2.  Oleksandr Usyk - Usyk defeated Tyson Fury to become the first undisputed heavyweight champion in over 25 years! Boxing is in such an odd space when it comes to casual access for fans, but eh. This is still a big deal for the sport - too many titles!  3. 5th Grader Beats Olympian - This was a nice story all around - but of course, mainly, a 5th grader dusting a former Olympian is quite impressive.  3 Down 1. Robert Fico Assination Attempt - If the world isn't getting crazier, we've got assassination attempts on world leaders - absolutely wild.  2. Iran President Helicopter Crash - More in the realm of political leaders, unfortunately, Iranian President, Ebrahim Raisi, is feared dead after a horrible helicopter crash.  3. Reclassification of Marijuana - I'

Quick Ponder: Bet on Me

He said. She said. They said. I said. The bet is on me.

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 5/12/24

3 Up 1. Mother's Day - Happy Mother's Day to all the variations of Mothers out there.  And of course, strength, power, and prayers to those who have lost a mom and moms who have lost.  2. Northern Lights - I didn't learn about this until it was too late - pretty much scrolling pictures of Instagram in complete shock. Where was this? I could've seen this?! HUH?! God's earth truly is amazing.  3. "Not Like Us" - So much can be said (and has been) regarding the entire Kendrick vs. Drake spat. For me, Kendrick won. However, I've never witnessed a diss track that is not just a dance banger, but also mainstream - easily one of the songs of the summer for sure!  3 Down 1. Rafah Dire - The entire situation continues to be saddening, and as you can imagine, a cause for concern worldwide.  2. Campus Protests - This one links to the above "down" as we enter Commencement season on so many college campuses. It's quite unfortunate, especially as the Cl

Would You Rather: Questions 191-200

191. Would you rather clean the same mess in the kitchen every day or not be allowed to clean up the mess at all?  Clean the same mess in the kitchen. At least I'll know the workload, and of course, know I can contribute in getting it done. Call me crazy, but I actually enjoy (!) cleaning the kitchen sometimes. Give me some good tunes, and it's a great way to clear the mind.  192. Would you rather get rich in a way that disappoints your family or just make enough money to live?  Ummmm, what level of "disappointment" we talkin' bout here?  193. Would you rather have no internet or no cell phone?  No cell phone. I sometimes wish that were the case in reality.  194. Would you rather go back in time to meet your ancestors or go into the future to meet your great-grandchildren?  Give me the future Robos. My family history is too conflicted with all sorts of colonialism and imperialism and out-of-touches to make anything worthwhile other than a discovery act. I'd li

Quick Ponder: Personal Value

Understand your value.  Be careful of where you invest it. 

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 5/5/24

3 Up 1. Kendrick vs. Drake - This was fun all weekend. Hip Hop hasn't seen this kind of heavyweight battle in a long time, and it got some stars throwing haymakers on tracks all weekend. Personally...Kendrick is special. "They Not Like Us" is sure to be a banger all summer. "Meet the Grahams" is pure creativity in it's highest form.  2. Anthony Edwards - Speaking of special, this guy is quickly rising up my unofficial "must-see" list. I'm locked into T'Wolves games (besides their amazing defense) for Ant Man.  3. Lyon, France - Not expected, but I'm giving an "Up" to Lyon, France for being one of the most amazing pro wrestling crowds ever for WWE Backlash 2024. Just amazing stuff.  3 Down 1. Campus Protests - They continue this week with no end in sight. It's unfortunate, as so many bad actors are escalating things and ruining the peaceful protests by on-campus students.  I feel for this COVID class (or cohort) who saw the

TNA Under Siege 2024 Review: "Solid show. But, nothing overly extraordinary"

I tried to get around to reviewing TNA Rebellion 2024, but life just happened.  And while I gathered my thoughts on what happened at one of TNA Wrestling's biggest shows of the year in Rebellion, this little show called Under Siege quickly followed it on the calendar. So for me, it's a pro wrestling weekend with Under Siege and WWE's Backlash .  Under Siege, which has had some memorable renditions of its kind, felt like a really random show that was exactly what I said - a show that quickly followed up on Rebellion in a manner that didn't really allow build-up, or for this fan, any kind of steam heading into it.  The TNA product isn't terrible. I can't remember the last time the overall product has been unwatchable. It's been extremely solid dating back to the pandemic. Yet, it is going through a period right now of some main guys and gals, with others cycling in and out, and others returning after leaving.  It just feels like it is missing that main star,