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Dome Pondering - 2019 Year in Review

Hey, 2020. Where are you? As we look to slam the door shut on 2019 - and believe me, I'm ready to do so - I hope I can help you  take a look back on the year that was. Reflection is always necessary in life, and 2019 has given us all quite a bit to review, dissect, and of course, to digest. So, before we turn the page to focus in on new goals and resolutions, and to look ahead to the year to come, let's do what we've done for the past fourteen years - hand out a few awards on the year's events, and of course, share some quick thoughts before moving forward, for good. Dome Pondering Year in Review History Quick Note: As always, I would like to THANK YOU for continuing to read (and now listen !) to this tiny space on the internet called Dome Pondering. It's hard to imagine I started this way back when I was a teenager, and here it is, still archiving the thoughts of mine in this race called life. I've slowed down just a bit - you can thank fatherhoo

Dome Pondering Movie Review: Brittany Runs the Marathon (2019)

What is it about? A woman decides to make changes in her life, starting with training for the New York City marathon. Who is in it? Jillian Bell - Brittany Michaela Watkins - Catherine Utkarsh Ambudkar - Jern

The Pondering 10 - Most Fascinating Things of 2019

The days are dwindling on the calendar that is 2019, and as is tradition, we're closing out the year with the typical signature posts of the year. Before the big post that is the Year in Review with awards, reflections and all of that good stuff, let's dive into the things I've found to be the most fascinating in 2019.

Dear Son, Grand Thoughts

--- 18 Months Old --- Dear Son, Today, you are now officially a year and a half, and quite honestly, the growth you've made over the past six months since my latest letter ( on your 1st Birthday ) has been tremendous. As I sit here and punch the keys, you are a little guy full of energy, and super smiles that accompanies your joy and intrigue for everything around you, including your budding verbal communication that is absolutely adorable. In fact, it was just two years ago around this time when we began to share with everyone about your existence, and impending arrival. That Christmas was special. I'll never forget it. Especially for me, in watching my father go from semi-understanding his surroundings, then hearing the news of you arriving in six months, and suddenly being locked in and overjoyed as if the hold of dementia - or at the very least, in that moment - no long had a hold on him.

Dome Pondering Movie Review: Tall Girl (2019)

What is it about? Jodi, considered the "tall girl" in her high school, deals with the confidence in being uncomfortable in who she is, and has always been. Who is in it? Ava Michelle - Jody Kreyman Griffin Gluck - Jack Dunkleman Sabrina Carpenter - Harper Kreyman

The Pondering 10 - The Knicks All-Decade Team for 2010s

Well this is going to be extremely difficult. How does one come up with an All-Decade team for a franchise that has been dreadful for the past twenty years? You've all seen the rants and raves on my beloved New York Knicks right here on this tiny slice of the internet. And I'm sure it's easy to sympathize for those who are stuck with this vicious commitment they just can't shake. Nonetheless, we're going to do it. Just like I did for my New York Yankees ( which was vastly easier to do ), I will do as well for the Knicks. So here goes. See below for my All-Decade Team for the New York Knicks, with the added twist of ranking each of them by importance and contribution. This is going to hurt...

The Pondering 10 - Yankees All-Decade Team for 2010s

I thought I would stay away from the "all-decade" shenanigans, but I got suckered in after all. Around here, end of year rankings, reviews, and reflections rule, so why not compose a list that embodies it all? And why not put together a list around my beloved Yankees? Especially in a decade in which they DID NOT win the World Series. Gasp! With all of that said, please see below not only my list of the Yankees All-Decade Team (because everyone can filter by position), but also by importance and contribution throughout the decade.

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 12/15/19

3 Up 1. Greta Thunberg - Kudos to Greta on earning the TIME Person of the Year. Not only is she the youngest person to earn the award, but let's be honest, Greta is a bad ass. And you have to respect her activism within the climate change discussion. 2. Scott Boras - Say what you want about Scott Boras, but he just negotiated upwards of $1B in MLB contract this week. The dude has built a serious empire in the agency game, and it's flexing it's muscles right now. 3. The Simpsons - The Simpsons hits 30 - 30! - this week. It's a run that is unheralded, and quite frankly, just impressive. 3 Down 1. Barnard Student Stabbing - What a sad story. It's heartbreaking on so many levels. A talented young adult gone for a senseless crime. And a fourteen year old, the murder suspect. Where are we now in society? 2. Minor League Baseball - What an unfortunate situation happening with Minor League Baseball. Unfortunately (and as always), it's such a complex sit

Pondering Picture #98

End of the Year Feels. It's Been a Tough One.

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 12/8/19

3 Up 1. Kindergarten Invite to Court - This is probably one of the most adorable things that I've ever seen. A little boy, in court to be adopted by his new parents, brought his Kindergarten classmates to testify on his behalf. He also had them there for support. Just another reminder of how pure and awesome the human heart an be. 2. Acts of Kindness - A school in Ireland has decided to skip homework for the month of December, instead replacing the assignments with daily acts of kindness for each student. What a fantastic gesture for the Christmas season. 3. Winter Meetings - With the Knicks season in the toilet (more on that in a bit), it is nice to have baseball discussions back to the forefront of the sports world. 3 Down 1. Pensacola Shooting - It's become very tiring discussing all of these mass shootings, especially one that now strikes a different scene in a Naval Air Station. At what point do we make a serious change around this topic? Until then, we'l

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 12/1/19

3 Up 1. Thanksgiving Weekend - Nothing like an awesome four days to get away from work, spend time with family, and really, slow down and give thanks for everything in your life. If you didn't have a moment to do so - like really think, write, or pray on this gratitude - there is still time. 2. Waitress Walked 14 Miles - This story blew my mind. I can't even imagine walking 14 miles to and from work - let alone finding the courage to do so every day to make ends meet. That in itself speaks volumes. However, the fact that a couple donated a car to this young lady after hearing her story is the kind of human-spirit story we all need coming out of Thanksgiving and heading into the holiday season. We need more of this, and less of the black Friday nonsense. 3. Sia Paying for Groceries - I'm a fan of Sia and her overwhelming song writing ability. She's pretty dope too when she decides to record a track or two as well. But her going to a Walmart and then a TJ Maxx