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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 4/26/20

3 Up 1. Some Good News - I've always wondered how a television show geared toward just "Good News" would fare if available. There is always the belief that our world wants fear, tragedy, and controversy in their news. Well, thank goodness for YouTube, and thank goodness for John Krasinksi! What started out as a tongue in cheek feature on social media has now grown into a legitimate news option - good news!! I love it! And I urge everyone to go check it out. It's hard to believe, but there is good in the world. 2. Sean Doyle - So...Doyle once volunteered himself as a guinea pig for an Ebola vaccine, and has now stepped up and taken trials for what (hopefully!!!) could be a COVID-19 vaccine. Bless that man's heart, because he is taking some unknown stuff for the sake of the world - literally. 3. NFL Draft - Look, I watched about 12 seconds of the three-day event. Just not that big on football. But you know what? I'm happy for those who did, especially

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 4/19/20

3 Up 1. The Last Dance - The first two parts were the quickest, easiest, and most enjoyable two hours of television entertainment I've engaged in during this time of quarantine. I miss sports. And yes, everything about this docuseries is phenomenal. 2. Sabrina Ionescu - Speaking of missing sports, when we do get them back, I very much look forward to going down to the Barclays to watch Ionescu and crew hoop it up. Welcome to New York! BTW - So much props to the WNBA on the touching honorary draft of Alyssa Altobelli, Gianna Bryant, and Payton Chester 3. Howard Finkel - The super sad news of the passing of Howard "The Fink" Finkel shook me this week. A big part of my childhood is wrapped up in hearing Fink announce countless wrestling moments, including that famous line of "the winner, and the NEWWWWWWWWW" which was everything. I still imitate his voice in various joking moments of my life, including play wrestling with my son. I tip my cap to the WWE&

Corona Times II

I'm ready to NEVER hear the term "unprecedented time" EVER again. I'm more so ready to never see a time like this in my life ever again. It's definitely been some weird times, and that is a tremendously obvious statement. Yet, amid so many discussions, emotions, and various reactions that can be expressed in and for this time in history, I find myself completely reeling in the overall atmosphere. Now, I'll be completely honest. I am extremely vulnerable to death, mortality, and the fragility that is life on this earth during these Corona Times. Another obvious - 2020 hasn't been kind to me (I don't think it has been to anyone). On the periphery, Kobe's death rocked me as a father. And then at the core, personally, I've lost an uncle in January; a very close cousin in March; a week later, I lost my father; just this week I've lost another uncle; and yes, there have been friends, colleagues, and extended acquaintances who have suc

Sunday Sunday Rundown - 4/12/20

3 Up 1. Happy Easter - He is risen! Easter surely doesn't feel as joyous and as traditional as it always does - missing church services, egg hunts, and family dinners - but the message is still there - God is God. Even in this broken world right now, turning to faith provides a sense of security - a sense of sense. 2. Essential Workers - Let's give some love to the many people who are keeping communities together. Yes, medical professionals are other Super Hero-like right now. That will never be forgotten. However, there are so many heroes - food service workers, gas stations, pharmacists, etc... - who are keeping it running, saving lives, and yes, risking their to make it happen. 3. New Yorkers - I may be biased because I live here in the greatest city in the world, which has been brought to its knees from COVID-19. However, a serious sense of appreciation for the real New Yorkers who live in this city, and haven't left - whether by socioeconomics or even out of l

Pondering Picture #100

Quarantine LIVING - Rooftops, phones, and the unrelenting sounds of sirens.

Wrestlemania 36 Review - A Showcase Like No Other

Before I jump into a review of Wrestlemania 36, I would be remiss if I didn't take the time to address what the WWE has done for all of us - those of us quarantined in our homes around the world - during these times of dealing with a worldwide pandemic. Yes, they never - not once, ever - mentioned the term "Coronavirus" or "COVID-19" leading into the "alternative set-up" for their recent television shows, or for the biggest wrestling show of the year in Wrestlemania. That in itself, I believe, is a very, very odd decision. However, the debate rages on among fans on what should have been done with this show, or for some, that the company should align themselves with just about everyone else that produces original content television and cease operations. Regardless, WWE continues on with its mission of entertainment and their effort still should be applauded. Yes, Wrestlemania 36 will forever be a footnote in the history books and in conversations f

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 4/5/20

3 Up 1. Healthcare Professionals - They're all tired. They're all frustrated. They're all willing to risk their lives to continue to save the many affected by this outbreak. I can't say enough about the many healthcare individuals making the sacrifice around the country, especially those right here in New York City.  2. Essential Workers - Most of them on a typical day within our society aren't appreciated enough. But during these times, their jobs' importance - or essential nature - is shining through. They too are risking so much as they play a big role in allowing us to flatten the curve. Be sure to tip your delivery person - it's only right!  3. WWE - It wasn't the greatest Wrestlemania, but you know what? Kudos to WWE for giving us something for two nights to remove ourselves from reality. It fulfilled its purpose - entertainment. It was fun, and it distracted this person from all of the sirens blaring constantly about - a clear sign