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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 5/28/23

3 Up 1. Memorial Day Weekend - There are a lot of people who gave their lives for the freedoms we enjoy. It's more than a three-day weekend, or the unofficial start to summer - take some time and appreciate the many lives given to be where we are.  2. Tina Turner - An absolute favorite of mine, Turner leaves us with nothing but awesome songs, memories, and a vibe and energy that was unmatched.  3. Debt Limit Deal - Well, one week later and I think I understand the entire debt limit stuff. Nonetheless, we're giving it an "Up" as it's settled. Crisis averted? Go America.  3 Down 1. Target Rescinds Pride - Our society has become ridiculous. After conservatives railed liberals for "cancel culture", the right has doubled down with threats at Target regarding their Pride Month displays. All of this follows a Bud Light ban. We've officially become a country where we all cancel what we don't like. So much for discourse.  2. Catholic Church in Illinois -

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 5/21/23

3 Up 1. Jim Brown's Legacy - It almost felt like it went without notice (maybe, just for me?), but the great Jim Brown left us this week. A fantastic athlete, with a more prominent voice and presence, Brown reshaped and redefined the standard for using your platform, and of course, expanding your influence.  2. Indoor Farms - As our natural resources became scarce, in some ways, alarmingly damaged (that's another discussion for another day), we've seen some amazing alternatives come about. The presence of indoor farms has been such, especially this precise farm in Compton that has produced 4.5 million pounds of leaves. Most importantly, is a resource within the community that was not available before.  3. $11B Rural Clean Energy Project - I'm sure they'll be some political retort to this, because well, there always is. But bringing clean energy to many rural areas of the United States is very much part of the issue in advancing our clean energy. On the surface, it

End of the 22-23 Knicks Season

Josh Hart was wide open at the top of the key.  Julius Randle just didn't feel like the target of that pass.  Jalen Brunson turning the ball over felt like an apropos.  Regardless, the end of the 2022-2023 New York Knicks Season is here and it hurts. It definitely hurts. Yet, for the first time in SOOOOOOOOO LONGGGGGG, I have what's called, hope. Hope!  As the youngest team in the NBA Finals, and one that fell just two games short of the Eastern Conference Finals, this team - heck, this organization! - is very much on the right path.  This year was fun, and at the same time rewarding. Next year will surely come with some expectations, many of which have already started, including the latest need for a superstar. We all know how that goes. There is already a lot of dumb mock trades and ridiculous narratives that are driving me nuts.  Regardless, it was a good year. We very much need to say that more.  Here are five really salient thoughts as we head toward the off-season.  Jalen

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 5/14/23

3 Up 1. Pulitzer Prize Winners - In a time when books and literature are being banned or discouraged, it's great to celebrate those that produce this straightforward content that spurs the mind like no other - congratulations to all of the authors, writers, and dope content producers who earned Pulitzer Awards this week.  2. COVID Over - Wow. In 2020 and 2021, I didn't think the end of COVID - at least the urgency - would feel like this. So well...anticlimactic. But here we are. The emergency is over. That's a good thing, right? So why doesn't it feel as I thought it would?  3. Miami Heat - Look, as a Knicks fan, I have no love for the Miami Heat. However, even knocking out my boys, I have to give credit where credit is due - the Heat is remarkable. A roster of seven undrafted players making to the Eastern Conference Finals is every bit of what "Heat Culture" is described as being.  We often throw around "superstar" too often in Basketball. Jimmy But

Dear Cazenovia, Thank You

Dear Cazenovia,  At one time in my life,  I barely knew you existed.  My mind raced with imagination, wonder, and curiosity at your interest... with jusssssst a bit of confusion.  Where is that?!! Your small-town vibes seemed foreign.  This bright lights kid from Brooklyn never felt more alone than in the spaces and quietness of your essence.  Our first year felt as predicted, opposites connecting. Sometimes, grinding. Screeching.  Unsure your generous offer would suffice a return.  MY presence, in all of its strength and impact,  caved in on me, fast,  exposing the real world beyond my world's greatest city.  Yet, you called me back,  if you make it there, you can make it anywhere, Ironic. Your forgettable locations, gave me unforgettable moments, where I struckout grown men by learning from a kid's TV show found this debatable voice hidden within, and, experienced stories I carry with me, forever.  It's just babies and memories from here on out, just babies and memories.

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 5/7/23

3 Up 1. Rock and Roll Inductees - Congrats to a few more names who made their way into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this week. The Hall continues to its direction of some unorthodox inductees (is Rock and Roll dead?), but regardless of that debate, you can't deny the quality of artists getting the nod.  2. Bad Bunny - Yo, this dude had concerts, made appearances, participated in the Met Gala, and then on Saturday night performed at WWE's Backlash in his hometown of Puerto Rico in what was an absolute banger. Bad Bunny is immensely talented. Also happy to see him break through so many barriers as a non-English singing artist.  3. NBA on TNT - It's already public knowledge, but giving this crew some love again, especially during the playoffs. They remain the absolute pinnacle of in-studio sports television. The complete opposite of the trainwreck that is ESPN's coverage.  3 Down 1. Dallas Mall Shooting - We're so desensitized. All of it, is so immensely heartbreaki