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Dome Pondering - 2009 Year in Review

Well, here we are, within two minutes and taking a knee, being fouled and hitting our foul shots, and signaling for Mariano Rivera to shut the door on 2009. And with Rivera, we know that it is indeed over! 2009, like every year, has brought more happenings, tragedy, history, and personal change to us all. And although a much more difficult year than most of us have experienced, 2009 brought life in a special way that will help shape us for 2010. So before the buzzer sounds and the final out is recorded, let's look back on the year that closed out this decade.

Dome Pondering – Year in Review History

Crucial Moment of the Year: 2009 – US Airline Terrorist Attack Foiled 2008 – Collapse of Lehman Brothers and Buyout of AIG 2007 – Virginia Tech Shootings 2006 – Foiled Terrorist Plot in England World Affairs Issue of the Year: 2009 – Michael Jackson’s Death 2008 – Global Economy 2007 – Death of Benazir Bhutto 2006 – North Korea Missile Crisis Inspirational Story of the Year: 2009 – President Obama’s Inauguration 2008 - Barack Obama's Acceptance Speech 2007 – Virginia Tech Recovery 2006 – City of New Orleans Random Story of the Year: 2009 – Somali Pirates Take Hostage of U.S. Ships 2008 - Myanmar Cyclone 2007 – Minnesota Bridge Collapse 2006 – Cory Lidle’s Death M ost Controversial Story of the Year: 2009 – United States Healthcare Reform 2008 - Government Bailouts 2007 – The Jena 6 2006 – Illegal Immigration in the United States Most Overrated Story of the Ye

Dome Pondering Import - “Not Just Tiger’s Temptations”

Here is an article that was sent to me. The writer, former Major League Baseball player Doug Glanville, touches base on several issues that face professional athletes. More specifically, the temptations and the type of lifestyle that quickly evolve when one enters the world of professional sports. Glanville sheds new light on the Tiger Woods saga from the perspective of a professional athlete.

Dome Pondering Movie Review: Inglourious Basterds (2009)

What’s it about? A series of events in Nazi-ruled France bring a Jewish-American rogue militia (The Basterds), a surviving French-Jewish Woman, and the entire Third Reich to ahead. Who is in it? Brad Pitt – Lt. Aldo Raine Melanie Laurent – Shosanna Dreyfus Christopher Waltz – Col. Hans Landa

A New Yorker’s Note To The MTA

Its stories like this one ( MTA votes for Major Service Cuts to Fill $383M Budget Gap ) that often causes yours truly, and well everyone, to shake their heads in disbelief. After hearing about the possible cuts in service by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), and the outrage and backlash it has created from the public, I have decided to write a letter MTA Chairman, Jay H. Walder.

Dome Pondering Movie Review: Fast and Furious (2009)

What’s it about? After the death of his girlfriend, Dominic Toretto and Brian O’Connor (Now working for the FBI) team up to bring down a heroin importer, and also in attempt to free his name. Who is in it? Vin Diesel – Dominic Toretto Paul Walker – Brian O’Connor Michelle Rodriguez – Leticia Ortiz Jordana Brewster – Mia Toretto

Watching and Waiting For The Next Big Wreck

What if I said to you, in order to become a columnist for a well-known, nationally read newspaper, all you needed to have were years of experience as a prostitute, how would you respond? Or if you wanted to appear on a television show watched by over two million people weekly, with the opportunity to eventually have your own show, qualifications began at being Italian, tanned, muscular, and completely arrogant with the ability to fist pump being a plus; what would you say? Unfortunately, (and I do mean unfortunately) that is the reality (or lack thereof) we live in. One where Ashlee Dupre now offers relationship advice as a columnist for the New York Post , and being a “Gudio” puts you amongst the stars. As a person that holds education and experience in the highest regards that it should, it is downright insulting to see where some of our forms of communication has gone. Gone are the days when journalism and acting took years of training, education, and paying your dues. Now,

Missing the Issue in President Obama’s First Year

I’m beginning to worry about Barack Obama as President. There was no other way to begin this piece than to just get that out there. After all, there is no easy way of easing into that statement without alienating and offending a few supporters. Yet, I do believe it is something that it is a thought that is often tip-toed around because of what President Obama means to this nation: hope. A change after eight years of futility under President Bush. However, because of that hope, President Obama has seemed to be given a certain amount of equity, a longer allowance of rope, than President Bush was ever given. With that said, I’m not here to lead a full-on revolt against President Obama’s policies, leadership, values, or ideas for this nation. I’m not affiliated with any party. No blue stripes. No red stripes. At the same time, I will admit, I’m not gun-ho on politics. I am aware of what is going on, however, I do not fall into debating about the “politics of politics”, per say. I’ve a

Metropolitan’s Mishaps Mirror Midtown

It seems every year Met fans are on edge about the way things are going with their team. Just waiting for things to finally get turned around. And to be truthfully honest, I don’t blame them at all. The way things have been for the last several years in Flushing, have striking similarities to that other organization over in midtown that also dons blue and orange – the New York Knicks. The New York Mets, coming off a disastrous 2009 campaign, now find themselves left out of the hot stove season. In fact, after losing out on John Lackey (whom they never made an offer to) and seeing Roy Halladay move to the Phillies, the Mets could be set up of another disappointing season. From the mishaps in design and character at CitiField to what seems like continued mismanagement, when does it end for the New York Mets? And most importantly, for their fans? It is always fascinating when certain baseball fans complain about high-payroll teams and the luxury in abilities compared to smaller m

1 Night. 2 Companies. 3 Hours: Fans will get the Pin.

January, 4th, 2010 – mark it down. After almost ten years of enduring a wrestling-business environment where all aspects became cut and dry (WWE and everything else behind), things will be very interesting for one night.  Yes, for one night, wrestling fans will enjoy a bit of nostalgia, and get an option on a Monday Night. Back is the excitement. Back is the can’t miss feeling. And, back is that soreness in your thumb from flipping back and forth for two-plus hours.  January 4th, 2010. The Monday Night Wars are back...well sort of. Now for those that have no idea what the Monday Night War are or mean, and you consider yourself a wrestling fan, before you read on, you need to take a moment to do a little bit of research . However, if you do, and are not aware of what is going on, TNA Wrestling is taking a chance (and a huge chance it is) and will be going head-to-head against Monday Night Raw for one night. 

Disappointing and Disgusting: Tiger Sheds New Light on Big Issue

As stated before earlier in the week, “Tiger, what a mistake.” And a big mistake indeed.  As the year comes to a close, and of all the happenings that 2009 gave us, this one is quite possibly the biggest head scratcher of them all. Yes Kanye, you are now off the hook. Tiger Woods and the infamous Thanksgiving night crash has gone from concern over the golfer’s condition, to the unveiling of a huge gap in character not seen before. As the days progress, and the media sinks their claws deeper into his life and this story, the more that is uncovered about Tiger Woods, his extra marital affairs, and his secret life. And as this coverage continues, the more we are revealed to the real Tiger Woods.  No, not the fist pumping, swoosh wearing, Buick driving, Gatorade drinking, American Express using, green jacket wearing stud of athlete that we all knew. But Tiger Woods, the man. It is now apparent that the difference between "Tiger Woods” and Tiger Woods are as

Dome Pondering Import – “What if the Media Cared About Wrestlers as Much as They Do Tiger?”

The following is a post by Alfonso, Castillo, a contributor for Newsday . Castillo, a long-time wrestling fan, columnist, and journalist, often reports his opinions on the industry through his blog on the Newsday website. The blog, often filled with information and thoughts unable, and sometimes unfit for publication, is one that is highly recommended. In a recent post, Castillo examines the nature of the wrestling business, the way the media follows it, and the comparison and difference in star power between wrestlers and some “celebrities”. A good read, and a good dose of truth.