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Dome Pondering - 2015 Year in Review

So 2015 is all over, huh? Yup, cue up Mike Goldberg , play-by-play announcer from the UFC, to put a bow on this one! Indeed, 2015 has been a year that has been beat up, dragged around, and is finally being knocked out. And of course, we say it every year, it all just felt like such a big blur.  But it's Dome Pondering Year in Review time, the biggest post of this very small, little, tiny, itsy-bitsy, minuscule particle of the internet. But regardless of how small, we have traditions around here, and we do 'em big! #DPYIR time, bay bay!  However, before we dive in on closing 2015, as always, I would like to thank all of you, the readers, visitors, and the passerby folks that check in and check out the DP. I continue to enjoy the growth in readership of this blog, and of course, the countless interaction over in Twitterland ( @DomePondering ) on various topics from politics and sports, to music and pro wrestling.

The Pondering 10 - Most Fascinating Things of 2015

Here we are, on the verge of closing out another calendar year. As always, sure to lookout for the the traditional and of course, the biggest post of the year on the DP - The Year in Review. However, as I prepared "the big post" if you will, I figured there was a dynamic in covering the year that I was not able to do there, so I decided to relay that into a P10 post. With that said, here is the latest Pondering 10 - the most fascinating things (for me) from 2015.

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 12/20/15

3 Up 1. Zaevion Dobson - The High School football star in Tennessee was killed as he shielded three other girls from the gunfire of gang members. And while it's a shame that he died, and we have every reason to be outraged by the constant violence, I'll focus on remembering and honoring Dobson as a hero.  2. Cam Newton - Besides being really good at football these days, how can you not like Cam Newton? The guy plays the game with a certain enjoyment, and you have to love him giving away footballs to kids after every score! Plus, his performance this week against the Giants was outstanding. 3. Diving Between Continents - This story is amazing, even more so are the absolutely stunning visuals of a diver who has been diving in an an area in Iceland that allows him to touch both North America and Europe. Check it out!  3 Down 1. Virginia School District - I cannot believe how far we are going with the phobia on Islam as an entire school district was shut down

Dome Pondering Movie Review: People Places Things (2015)

What is it about? After his wife left him, Will learns to balance taking care of his daughters, finding new love, and letting go of the woman he once loved.  Who is in it?  Jermaine Clement - Will Henry Stephanie Alynne - Charlie Regina Hall - Diane Jessica Williams - Kat

Thoughts and Takeways From Fifth Republican Presidential Debate

My goodness! I'm not sure if I even want to dive into this one. In what I expected to be a new and reformed debated for candidates and CNN alike, pretty much turned into the same ole, same ole. The very same in what we have been receiving throughout these debates. Now as a huge debate maniac, nerd, dork, freak - pick your insulting description - I told myself to let a lot of the format issues plaguing these highly anticipated (and oh yeah, very important!) debates go. I was trying to look past it. From the super ridiculous questions, the ineffective moderators, the poor etiquette, the lack of flow, or the over-abundance of these channels to fit as many of their talking heads into the event, some could say these debates do more harm than good for the candidates, and most importantly, the voters. You know, us. Americans.

Dome Pondering Movie Review: 6 Years (2015)

What is it about?  A couple dating for six years and headed into their last years of college now deal with their unraveling relationship as unexpected events disrupt what they always had planned and imagined.  Who is in it?  Taissa Farmiga - Melanie Clark Ben Rosenfield - Dan Mercer

Dome Pondering Movie Review: Fantastic Four (2015)

What is it about?   Four very intelligent scientists discover the way to another dimension and decide to follow through on their own discovery instead of handing it off to another explorer. They end up receiving physical changes and powers in which they must learn to harness in order to save earth from one of their own who is looking to destroy it.  Who is in it? Miles Teller - Reed Richards Michael B. Jordan - Johnny Storm Kate Mara - Sue Storm

Pondering Picture #62

Courtesy of ICY and SOT Here is a picture of some street art from ICY and SOT that simply connects with the feelings following all of these mass shootings, back-and-forth bantering on gun control, and of course, terrorism.  Just really sick of it. All of it. 

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 12/6/15

3 Up 1. Shannon Johnson - "I got you". It's become a popular phrase after the story of Mr. Johnson saving Denise Peraza during the shootings in San Bernardino and ought to be known. Despite a horrific incident, Mr. Johnson gets the nod as the top "up" this week.  2. Obama's Muslim Call - I am of the belief that not all Muslims are indeed terrorists. There are plenty of wonderful, kind Muslims I know and have come across in my life. However, President Obama's call for the Muslim community to stand up against ISIS is needed. Where are they? The world needs to see that there is a difference. 3. Luke Walton - Despite not getting any official wins throughout this historic streak (which is downright awful by the NBA - just ridiculous!), much credit goes to Coach Luke Walton of the Golden State Warriors for keeping these fellas motivated on this run.  3 Down 1. San Bernardino - Obvious, right? I'm actually so sick and tired of discuss

Dome Pondering Movie Review: Southpaw (2015)

What is it about?  A successful boxer who made it from the foster system must pull his life together after losing his wife in an accident and his daughter to Child Protective Services.  Who is in it?  Jake Gyllenhaal - Billy Hope Rachel McAdams - Maureen Hope Forest Whitaker - Tick Wills