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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 8/27/23

3 Up 1. Republican Debate - Sure, I would like to see these debates in another format. However, all in all, I thought this week's Republican Debate was a success. At the very least it was entertaining, but really, I think it gave a platform for the candidates to battle it out and separate themselves - for better or worse.  2. RSV Vaccine - Offering a vaccine for expectant women and new babies from suffering from RSV. -easy win, right?  3. Pro Wrestling - Pro Wrestling is on fire right now, and this weekend produced an insane amount of hours of television and events between multiple companies. An emotional weekend in many ways.  3a. Terry Funk and Bray Wyatt - Pro Wrestling lost some good individuals this week. We said goodbye to legend and hall of famer, Terry Funk, and endured the sudden passing of one of the most creative minds the business has ever seen, in Windham Rotundo, known as Bray Wyatt.  3c - AEW All In - Finally, AEW set a new record for the highest attendance for a pay

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 8/20/23

3 Up 1. Lahaina Community Promise - After everything we've seen in Hawaii and the wildfires in Hawaii, sometimes it feels "too early" to discuss the future, or the shift that can take place going forward. Kudos to the Governor who ensured this week that the Lahaina Community will have a say in the area's rebuild. We won't say it out of respect to the present, but the area is ripe for transition with tourists and other types of gentrification.  2. Spain, Women's World Cup - A big win this week as the women of Spain wrap up the Women's World Cup with a 1-0 victory over England.  3. Netflix Suits - I watched Suits when it aired on the USA Network and consider it one of my favorite TV Shows, ever. Seeing its renaissance on Netflix has been cool. Even more so, watching it (alongside another favorite in Bluey) at the center of the changing dynamics of television-watching culture has been interesting.  3 Down 1. Extreme Weather - Another week, more crazy weather

Thoughts from 1st 2023 Republican Primary Debate

The First Republican Presidential Debate made its way to our television - for entertainment or information, or for something else, you decide - and it did not disappoint.  As many of you who frequent this space know, I love debates, and for a while, I thought the Presidential debate would no longer be a thing as we've seen it become more of a tool used for those doing the chasing in the polls rather than sharing views and candidate ideals with the voting public. You know, the very reason former President Trump decided to skip this one. What does he have to gain?  The first debate was full of interesting moments and the first - of many to come - opportunities for Republicans to recalibrate the national perception of the party heading into 2024. Or, well, at least attempt to.  I'm not sure where I'm voting in 2024. That's the honest truth. For me, the Republican Party is a mess. An absolute mess. And to that point, so are the Dems. But the GOP feels like a party astray fr

Dome Pondering Movie Review: The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023)

What is it about? The story of the Super Mario Bros is told, as a plumber from Brooklyn named Mario, and his brother, Luigi, travel through an underground world to save a captured princess.  Who is in it? Chris Pratt - Mario Charlie Day - Luigi Anya Taylor-Joy - Princess Peach Jack Black - Bowser  Favorite Scene:  [spoiler alert] A high-speed chase breaks out that mirrors what we've come to love and appreciate in Mario Kart Favorite Quote:   "In an insane world, it is the sane who are called crazy."  Review:   The Super Mario Bros. Movie was fun. For a nearing-forty millennial like myself who appreciated the nostalgic feel of the songs and the little tidbits from Nintendo's greatest creation, this was a great film to take in with my son. Everyone wins.  Despite the nostalgia and the personal feel-goodness that it offers, the film really is a great visual. From the story, the effects, and the overall presentation, right down to the basic story of Super Mario Bros, thi

Dome Pondering Movie Review: Life in a Year (2020)

What is it about?  Daryn is an ambitious High School student in pursuit of a Harvard acceptance when he finds out that his girlfriend is dying of cancer. He sets out to give her an entire life of milestones in the last year of life that she has left.  Who is in it?  Jaden Smith - Daryn Cara Delevingne - Isabelle  Favorite Scene:  [spoiler alert] Daryn blows his Harvard meeting and ends up getting into a huge confrontation with his overbearing father.  Favorite Quote:  "Living isn't easy. But if you can manage to look past your own fears and everyone else's expectations, the reward is your life" Review:  Life in a Year took me by surprise in so many ways. It was an impulse selection and ended up becoming a film that grabbed my undivided attention in the greatest way with a severe pondering hangover. The film carries huge emotions about fear, love, and life.  The film isn't sappy. It can be a little hokey at times in regard to practicality, but overall, it doesn

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 8/13/23

3 Up 1. Alix Dorsainvil - An ongoing story that reminded us even the nicest of people who are genuinely trying to do good in this world have to navigate the enormous evil within it. Dorsanvil, an American nurse in Haiti to help, along with her daughter were held captive for almost two weeks. This week, we all received the good news that she was released.  2. 50 Years of Hip Hop - Ahhhh what a year of buildup to the celebration that has been 50 years of hip hop. Thanks so much to a style of music that evolved into a way of live and culture that has influenced so much within our society.  3. Eras Tour Impact - Taylor Swift's Eras tour has been assessed has having the same amount of economic impact as the Olympics. Absolutely insane. Swift reaches new heights in her stardom, and the tour isn't over!  3 Down 1. Hawaii Wildfires - Absolutely heartbreaking to see the images and the fallout from Hawaii regarding these wildfires. So many have lost their homes, livelihood, and loved on

Dome Pondering Movie Review: Champions (2023)

What is it about? An ambitious basketball coach on the development circuit is ordered by the court to coach and lead a basketball team of individuals with intellectual disabilities.  Who is in it? Woody Harrelson - Marcus  Kaitlin Olson - Alex  Matt Cook - Sonny  Favorite Scene:  Marcus meets the group for the first time and they introduce themselves and their special qualities.  Favorite Quote:  Your heart's a long way from your knee. Suck it up!"" Review:  Champions is the ultimate feel-good film. In fact, I can't remember a film that I've seen that has genuinely made me feel positive during the film, at its climax, and once the credits begin to roll. Champions stayed with me in a way that really makes me want to watch again. It's that good.  I wouldn't expect a deep plot in this one. It is simple and straight to the point. Where Champions shines the most is in its ability to de-stigmatize individuals with intellectual disabilities with humor and dialog

Dome Pondering Movie Review: Top Gun: Maverick (2022)

What is it about?  Captain Pete "Maverick" Mitchell returns to the active mission, battles his past, and takes on a new role as he leads Top Gun's elite graduates. Who is in it?  Tom Cruise - Capt. Pete "Maverick" Mitchell Jennifer Connely - Penny Benjamin Miles Teller - Lt. Bradley "Rooster" Bradshaw Favorite Scene:  [spoiler alert]  After being relieved of his duties, Maverick again goes rogue and shows everyone that the mission is possible, despite the required dangers.  Favorite Quote: "It's time to let go." Review:  I'll refrain from going in-depth on everything regarding Top Gun: Maverick. The film is a HUGE blockbuster film and has made millions, carries Tom Cruise as a headliner, and at this point, the jury is pretty much out.  Top Gun: Maverick is good. Like, really good. There is no need for me to endorse it. But I will express this, what makes this film ultimately stand out and resonate with me is simply its ability to off

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 8/6/23

3 Up 1. Postpartum Depression Pill - The FDA approved an oral treatment to help women with postpartum depression, and that's pretty cool. The entire experience surrounding pregnancies and families feels like it's become more difficult if you just watched your nightly news. It's great to see some steps in a positive direction for a topic that still feels taboo.  2. Simone Biles Wins U.S. Classsic - She's back. And it looks like she's better than ever. Biles returned after two years and well, yeah, she won. As always.  3. Job Market - I have no idea how to explain the job market. It's weird. We keep hearing about a potential recession, yet, job growth is still on the rise, and well, it feels like no one wants to work. All of it, is weird. Regardless, job growth is a good thing. Yeah? 3 Down 1. Niger Coup - I wish our media focused on international affairs more, but you can definitely argue we have enough here at home to digest. Regardless, the coup in Niger with

Dome Pondering Movie Review: Creed III (2023)

What is it about?  After retiring and moving into the next stage of his career, Adonis reconnects with a childhood friend who brings him back to his past that places him in an encounter that is more than a fight.  Who is in it? Michael B. Jordan - Adonis Creed  Tessa Thompson - Bianca Creed Jonathan Majors - Damian Anderson Favorite Scene:  [spoiler alert] Immediately after winning the World Heavyweight Championship, Adonis confronts Damian on the beach.  Favorite Quote:  "The higher you get, the harder it gets." Review:  It's really hard NOT to like Creed III. Yes, I'm a fan of the Rocky Series, and in many ways, I think that the Creed franchise has brought modern elements and a new underdog story to the new millennium, and possibly even to new fans.  Off the heels of a predictable (yet still good) Creed II where Adonis battled the son of Drago, this installment in the franchise sees the film take on a storyline arc that is about the fight,  and so much more. The ove

WWE SummerSlam 2023 Review: "Old man complaints aside, I enjoyed SummerSlam"

Is anyone else tired from SummerSlam? Wheeeeeeewwwwww! I love WWE's summer party (though, it was a bit early this year), however, this one was super long. Four and a half hours, well over midnight, the entire thing just felt exhausting and taxing. I know, I'm getting old. However, while the night was entertaining, by the time we got to Roman Reigns vs. Jey Uso, I wondered if I had much left to be engaged or to care as much. I also wonder if the Jimmy Uso turn didn't resonate with me as much because of the fatigue? Ehhh... So yeah, old man complaints aside, I enjoyed SummerSlam. Some matches really carried the night and that is even more apparent looking back on the lengthy night.  Here are some quick thoughts and comments on SummerSlam 2023:  - Often, the official song of a Premium Live Event is something current, but there was the very fitting vibe of "Born to be Wild" by Steppenwolf as the vibe and sound of SummerSlam. I thought the song was very fitting.  - I s

Yankees Are Caught in Mission - Thoughts from 2023 MLB Trade Deadline

"The Yankees stand for tradition, excellence, and winning."  That is the official (like, for real, for real) mission statement of the New York Yankees.  Based on those words, it's hard to argue that the New York Yankees aren't meeting the requirements of their organization's mission - each tentpole being met. Tradition - check. Excellence - lately, somewhat. And winning - maybe not as much, but open-ended interpretation admittedly, so.  Yankees fandom as noted several times by yours truly, is insufferable. The fan base often can come off as spoiled, disconnected from reality, and at times, unrealistic. Just being honest. However, within the same truth is passion, and yes, an expectation set forth by an organization that has raised standards from a once-in-a-lifetime dynasty, as well as the cost and price for just about any and everything associated with the brand.  So yeah, go ahead Yankees fan - go off.  I try to remain levelheaded within this fandom (special tha