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NXT No Mercy 2023 Review: "Tonight was good enough to have me take notice of Tuesday nights"

I can't tell you the last time that I watched NXT. I was a casual viewer of the brand back in the black and gold days (who wasn't?) and the anti-WWE feel (despite it being a WWE product) that it had. NXT felt different, looked, different, and offered a product that was distinct.  Then came NXT 2.0 and all of its colors (and Vince McMahon's influence) and I was out.  These days, the brand is sort of just there for me. I'll turn it on on a Tuesday if it's a last resort, or the thing I'm very much into is on commercial. But tonight, your boy randomly took a chance on NXT No Mercy. And after it left the air, I was not only entertained but somewhat interested in the product going forward.  I'm not saying I'm returning to black-and-gold levels of interest, but tonight was good enough to have me take notice of Tuesday nights.  Here are some quick notes on NXT No Mercy 2023:  - WWE's business is booming. I know we hear and read that all the time, but it real

Thoughts from 2nd 2023 Republican Primary Debate

Well, that was the shits.  That was my immediate thought after the ending of the 2nd Republican Primary Debate. There was no need to get in-depth, analyze, or even generate a profound perspective on the event. This debate season continues to lack substance or real authenticity from the hanging truth that it won't change the influence of the American public.  Trump skipped the second debate, and while in my opinion, he should be there, I don't blame him for not selecting to do so. His lead in the polls has left most of this field behind on this stage trying to separate themselves from one another, without taking big enough strides to actually do so.  In this debate, there were a few more light jabs thrown at the former President, but overall, nothing significant enough to give this viewer enough to take a chance on the party.  What we got was more of the same - constant yelling, inaudible moments, random insults at one another, statements for shock value, party-line repetitivene

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 9/24/23

3 Up 1. Five Americans in Iran Released - Obviously, these kinds of dealings involve tons of politics. However, it's always great when Americans held for such reasons return home.  2. Tigst Assefa Record - I'm always - ALWAYS! - fascinated with marathon runners. The mental feat is astounds me. Assefa broke the Women's record by more than two minutes. So crazy. So much props.  3. End of Screenwriters Strike - Sure, it'll be nice to get new television and overall content this upcoming season. However, I'm more so happy for the screenwriters who get what they deserve.  3 Down 1. Migrant Crisis - Obviously, our country has an immigration issue. This isn't new, and what's more unsettling is both political parties use this as political influence, and both have had opportunities to fix the issue. From here in NYC, to the southern border, and more - the crisis has shed light on so many of the "morals" and "standards" we claim to have within the

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 9/17/23

3 Up 1. Never Forget - We remembered 9/11 once again this week and it's quite surreal to think that there are casualties from that day happening. My heart goes out to the families of those affected. With that said, it's also really nice to see that 9/11 truly isn't a day we forgot. In a time where hyperbolic statements are made, there remains commitment and honor to the day - as it should be.  2. New COVID Vaccines - As we head into the winter months, COVID infections are expected to rise. With the FDA's approval of new vaccines, it is still amazing to me that we  3. Unicorn Giraffe - I just thought this story was cool. In all of the craziness in the world, we get wacky and random stories like this of spotless giraffes popping up.  3 Down 1. Libya Floods - Everything about the Libya floods has been heartbreaking. The images are horrific. The fact that 11,300 people perished, is unfathomable. Prayers up for Libya.  2. Lauren Boebert - I'm not going to touch on Boeb

20 Years Since College - It Stares At Me Every Day

I wanted to write a "Dear Freshman Self" note in this post to mark the twenty-year milestone of when I first stepped on as a college student. I just couldn't find the words and the disconnect that brings about the romance of connecting with one's former self.  It's partly frustrating because the day is so very vivid in my mind to this day. And of course, the next four years to follow, like many, provided such essential moments and life jewels that would develop me in various areas - some that I've still yet to understand.  So yeah, it's been twenty years. Twenty freakin' years!  As amazing as the time since has been, I still somehow continue to struggle to find the words to capture what that milestone means. I know it's important. After all, I'm punching the keys to search for it! I've tried so many times to sit in front of my laptop and pen a letter to an eighteen-year-old me who had no idea of what was to come.  Twenty years ago, I carrie

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 9/10/23

3 Up 1. Coco Gauf & Novak Djokovic - The US Open wrapped up this weekend and tennis crowned some deserving champions. Djokovic continues to add to a remarkable career with his 24th (!!) grand slam title win. And of course, Coco Gauff won over America with her win. It's impressive to see the effect that the Williams sisters have had on tennis - wow. Looking forward to seeing the star Gauff will become.  2. Olivia Rodrigo - Her first album was fire. Even this late-thirties male enjoyed it. The sophomore album is always the toughest and Rodrigo apparently (haven't listened to it myself, yet) dropped an absolute banger in "Guts". So much so, that it broke records for debut stream with over 60 million streams!  3. Deion Sanders - There's way to much dialogue around Sanders that isn't needed. Here is what it boils down to for me - Sanders took over a program that was 1-11. He brought in 80+ players. His team is currently 2-0, including victories over a ranked op

Dear Son, Happy First Day of Kindergarten

--- 5 Years, 2 Months --- Dear Son,  Today, you started Kindergarten. And like every parent present for the first day of school, your mother and I had all the feels and emotions. From watching you line up among your new classmates to standing there with your "big boy bookbag" and your Spiderman lunch box, all of it felt as momentous and season-opening as "firsts" bring.  Yet, it was more than the "firsts" and the seasonals, or even the pictures and everything else that felt remarkably different that morning. It was the journey to this point, especially as of late - I knew you were ready for this for a couple of months now. I've been so confident that you were prepared, and you are! I could tell how stagnant the last couple of months of summer camp felt. You needed a new challenge and a new environment to push you. Finally, here we are.  At the same time, I couldn't have been more proud this morning. You handled the anxiety and drops of fear that we

AEW All IN: London (2023) Review: "This large of a crowd for an event that wasn't the WWE!"

I'm obviously registering these thoughts incredibly late, but such is the current state of pro wrestling right now - there is just so much going on, and so much to enjoy. It's a great time to be a fan, regardless of where your tribalism fandom falls - if you carry such allegiances.  I'm sure no matter what product you find entertaining, you circled AEW's All In event from Wembley Stadium as a must-watch. I don't care about someone else's "take" on the attendance total - I couldn't care less if it was the record for a pro wrestling event or not - what AEW was able to accomplish is absolutely amazing! Four years in, and the company produced an event on the levels of Wrestlemania in terms of attendance and business - that's damn impressive! Tony Khan and the entire company deserve loads of credit for taking that leap because it very much could have failed. They took a chance, and absolutely delivered (and so much more), and proved there is a subs

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 9/3/23

3 Up  1. Labor Day Weekend - It's the weekend where we mark the unofficial end of summer. However, the weather this upcoming week says otherwise. Nonetheless, I hope you all had an opportunity to reflect, restore, and give some gratitude on this weekend.  2. College Sports - College athletics are back in swing, providing some pretty awesome moments this week.  2a. Nebraska Women's Volleyball - 92,003 for a Women's Volleyball Game is not just a record for a Women's Athletic event, but it's pretty freakin' cool. Kudos to Nebraska Athletics and everyone who attended in making that a special occasion.  2b. Travis Hunter - I didn't get a chance to watch the Colorado vs. TCU game, however, I'm a fan of Deion Sanders, mainly from what he did for Jackson State. However, Hunter playing both ways is remarkable. Freak athlete.  3. Jimmy Buffett - The world said goodbye to Buffet whose songs can take you to a beach or to summer vibes in an instant.  3 Down  1. UNC