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The Unity Road Writings - End of Road

Road over.  As the days on the calendar have fallen off since 9.24, yours truly is still amazed. Still in awe. And still excited.  After all, I'm married, and in the words of Darius Rucker (Yes, Darius Rucker), " But as far as I can see, I have everything I want. 'Cause I got a roof over my head, the woman I love layin' in my bed, and it's alright, it's alright." As married life takes off, I am more content than I ever have been. More in-tune with myself, and more at peace with myself. 9.24 brought about a new chapter (obviously) for yours truly. However, the unity road opened many doors, closed some that needed to be shut, and exposed some fears, secrets, and inner thoughts that needed to be dealt with.  And on a day where we will finally close the Unity Road Writings, I find myself realizing, as one of my best men stated in a terrific and assuring speech, that I am ready for this. 

The Unity Road Writings - Fulfilled

0 days to go  " Get ready to fly...I am, I am "  So went the tune of my cell phone which has the "Phenomenal" AJ Styles' entrance theme as my wake up alarm sound. As yours truly sluggishly rolled over to shut it off, it finally dawned on me that today is the day it all begins to come to an end.  No more countdowns .  No more experiences on this road .  No more treating this like it is Wrestlemania.  For the countdown is on zero.  The road is over.  And Wrestlemania, well, no more hype, we go live tomorrow, baby!

The Unity Road Writings - No Cliches. Just A Band Of Brothers

6 days to go.  I've never been big on the party scene. I'm not one that has interest in hitting the bars, clubs, or even going out and taking in the nightlife of the city. In true syndication with my personality, I've always been the type that is content with relaxing and watching a game. I just like to chill, if you will. So when the topic of planning one's bachelor party began to bud from an idea into full fledged planning and reality, I was curious as to what was to come from my best men.  In the days leading up to the event, I received word on several variations on a day planned around celebrating what will soon-to-be a dead bachelor life. Activities such as paintball, dinner, lounges, bars, and a night out in New York City were all on tap. However, after a few scheduling conflicts caused a fall through, none of the aforementioned occured. What happened instead was one of the lamest bachelor parties in the history of mankind, but one that I wouldn't

The Unity Road Writings - Pre-Show Butterflies

10 days to go.  If the idea of getting married hasn't begun to settle in, and creating that surreal feeling as described in my last entry of this series ( Ring of Honor ), then today surely would have. After getting used to the idea of the wedding band physically, aesthetically, and symbolically, the tag team partner and I headed down to the City Clerk's office of New York City this morning to acquire an affidavit for our marriage license, set to be signed, approved, and official on September 23rd.  So while 9.24, the Wrestlemania, the big day, the main event is the focus, somehow, my unity road tunnel vision has moved ahead twenty-four hours to when the true responsibility begins: September 23rd, 2011.  For what seems like months now, co-workers, friends, and family have constantly asked me the question that somehow has negatively become associated with marriage in today's society - are you nervous, yet?

The Unity Road Writings - Ring of Honor

12 days to go.  With under two weeks to go until, the pressure is now on to finalize everything. With the frame work set for the big day, much of the minor tasks remain to be completed. Some of the tasks include reception table centerpieces, flowers, minor decorations, reception format, reception seating, and overall logistics throughout the day for the wedding party.  However, now off the to-do list is the purchase of the wedding bands. An important purchase, of course.  This past weekend the tag-team partner and I cruised on out to Long Island to the Roosevelt Mall to visit a Zales store. The visit, centered around seeking out our bands, brought back memories of looking for the perfect engagement ring. The visit seemed full circle for yours truly on this unity road.  After learning a bit about bands as opposed to diamongs and engagement rings I've become so familiar with over the past three years, slipping a ring on my finger felt awfully we

9/11: Unanswered Questions And Solid Truths Ten Years Later

It was second period gym class, and I anticipated the next forty minutes going by very quickly. As of late, handball was the sport of choice, and I slowly grew to like the sport as I improved. As Ms. Goodman, one  of the many Canarsie High School physical education teachers walked in to take attendance, and of course checked to see who was dressed and prepared, she awkwardly pulled up a chair to the front of the class of fifty and asked us politely and somberly to take a seat and listen.  Known for her sarcastic comments and her ability to wisely mess with students who weren't the brightest stars in the sky, she uttered several words that were met with an awkward reaction:  "I'm not sure how else to say this, and I"m sure some of you are beginning to hear things now, but a plane just crashed into the World Trade Center"

Running From You

Tap, tap, tap, tap Your footsteps are lingering on deck The vapor of your breath, Whispering on the back of my neck Tap, tap, tap, tap I know your coming my way, Looking to capture me, In a relentless pursuit everyday Tap, tap, tap, tap You've gotten me before, Laughing as you did it, As I stumbled to the floor

Dome Pondering Celebrates 400

On September 9th, 2011, Dome Pondering celebrates it's 400th post on the Blogger network. 400 marks another milestone, as well as marks the least amount of time needed for 100 posts. As the blog continues to grow in content and audience, the regularity of frequent pondering and posting is at all-time high for the site. Thank you for your continued interest in Dome Pondering, and the sometimes strange array of thoughts, as we go through this race called life. Before we begin on the pursuit of the big 500, lets take a look at the best posts of the last 100.  Top Five Favorite Posts Over Last 100 1. College Baseball: A Time Remembered Forever 2. What Does 26 Mean? 3. Ten Seconds Can Change (Or Scare) The World 4. Open Letter To Knicks Fans and "Knicks Fans": Where Were You? 5. The Pondering 10 - Annoying Facebook Users

Pondering Picture #13

  Anyone else find the items located in the "Back To School" section a bit weird? Controversial?

W's Perspective on 9/11 Earns New Found Respect

George W. Bush has a reputation that is not flattering. In fact, the former President of the United States of America is often the butt of many jokes by Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, liberals, independents, right and left wingers, and well, just about every red-blooded American in the union.  The former President has never portrayed a sense of charisma, style, and/or grace that former likeable presidents have shown. Not to mention, he is one of the poorer public speaking Presidents the nation has had in some while.  And while President Bush has had many things going against him which steered his reputation away from a stellar legacy, events such as 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, a rapidly declining economy, and of course the controversial, and unfounded, weapons of mass destruction all occurred under his presidency.