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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 10/29/23

3 Up 1. Released Hostages in Gaza - In the midst of everything that is going on in Israel, it's paramount to have the people of Gaza escape, and be allowed to retreat for safety. This week, a few more hostages were released. In a horrific situation, we'll take this as a positive (as much as a positive can be).  2. U.S. Economy - Remember when inflation and the economy dominated the U.S. mainstream news cycle? As of this week, the economy grew 4.9% in the third quarter, showing substantial job growth.  3. Taylor Swift - I know...aren't we tired of Taylor? While Taylor disrupts your NFL season, she also re-released her 1989 album which has dominated the charts and streams, once again proving what we already know in regards to her star power. Who else can release albums with even more anticipation? 3 Down 1. Maine Mass Shooting - Another mass shooting...(cue, "this is America" song, by Childish Gambino). I feel for the families who simply went about their business an

Predictions and Wild Guesses for the 2023-24 NBA Season

After a miserable ending to the WNBA fan, this Liberty fan turns to his first love in hoops, my New York Knicks.  Now, I head into this NBA season with excitement, but mainly, a large feeling of apprehension. Why? Well, my Knicks had a good season last year. 5th seed. Knocked out the Cleveland Cavs in the first round. Our first playoff series win in almost a decade. And if a few breaks went our way, we could have dispatched the Miami Heat as well. Eastern Conference Finals? Yup, we were just two wins away.  So, I'm expecting a bigger season. Yes, there are expectations for the Knicks where the bar is a bit higher, and dare I say, amongst the best teams in the league. Especially when beyond the Milwaukee Bucks and the Boston Celtics (ugh...), the East really is asking for additional teams to step up.  There is hope. There is expectation. This can't be good for my mental health early for the Knicks on what is an absolutely brutal opening ten games.  But ehhh, whatevs.  Here are m

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 10/22/23

3 Up 1. Aid into Gaza - After days of destruction, having diplomats agree to open borders and opportunities to provide aid to those in Gaza is the biggest "Up" I can think of for the week.  2. Pentagon Drops Yemen Missiles - Was I the only one that missed this story? Kind of a big deal, no?  3. WNBA Finals - Despite he absolute gut punch it was for my New York Liberty, the WNBA Finals was a great series. Even better is the budding rivalry and drama that is brewing between Las Vegas and New York.  3 Down 1. Palestinian Hospital Attack - All kinds of emotion, drama, blame, and conspiracy theories surround this. Ultimately, it just made everything worse. All of that aside, it's just the innocent folks in all of this that makes this awful.  2. Chicago 6-Year-Old Stabbed Hate Crime - As the world goes mad, we've got this tremendously heartbreaking story out of Chicago. What is wrong with people?! 3. Samantha Woll Murder - And another one. While reports say antisemitism i

Dome Pondering Movie Review: The Comeback (2023)

What is it about?  A new opportunity takes a family back to their hometown of Atlanta. The move conjures up conflicts and issues that are forced to be dealt with after years of avoidance.  Who is in it?  Taye Diggs - Jeff Murray  Apryl Jones - Tisa Murray Sherry Richards - Dianne Murray Favorite Scene:  Tisa comes home after her first day at work and gets into a fight with Jeff, continuing to blame him for where the couple currently is in the conflict.  Favorite Quote: Test Review:  Peacock pushed The Comeback for a few weeks every time I logged into the streaming app. Intrigued enough by Taye Diggs' next adventure after departing All-American , I decided to let this one rip for a watch while working out.  Needless to say, the film is well....umm, alright. The Comeback has some moments where it is funny and then others where it's a bit head-scratching affirming my expectations going in. At times the film does hit on some reality in regards to familial conflicts and the strain

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 10/15/23

3 Up 1. Solar Eclipse - A super rare occurrence that admittedly went overlooked due to the chaos happening in the world. It's a reminder that there is beauty on this earth, and we screw it all up by being, well, us.  2. $1.73B Powerball Jackpot Winner - A lucky winner won all that money. 1 person. I hope they use it well.  3. Junk Fees Bill - I'm adding this to the "Up" for extreme practicality with a touch of levity. We all despise these fees that drive up costs and bust our budgets unexpectedly. I'm for this bill - get it done.  3 Down 1. War in Gaza - Another week since the madness began in the Middle East and the violence and devastation continue to pile up. Please continue to pray for peace. The people in the region need it - the world can use it.  2. Social Media - The images and videos online are horrific. Even worse, the amount of graphic material and misinformation continues to flood social media making an already horrible ordeal much worse. Protect your

Dome Pondering Movie Review: It's a Disaster (2012)

What is it about?  Eight friends meet for their routine brunch when their city falls victim to a world-ending terrorist attack and all grievances and truth between the group come out with unexpected results.  Who is in it?  Julia Stiles - Tracy David Cross - Glen America Ferrera - Hedy Favorite Scene:  When two of their friends, who are notoriously late to the brunches, Tracy makes the call to not let them enter by not opening the door. The moment is awkward, with humor, and causes the group to not sympathize with their friends who are set to die, because, they were always late.  Favorite Quote:  Yeah. So what you're saying is that when we die we're going to a place where 106 billion people are sitting around playing the harp. That would be really fucking annoying. Review:  I came across this film needing something to watch during a workout. It's a Disaster felt like a film that was easy enough to sort of watch with little expectations based on the plot and the limited noto

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 10/8/23

3 Up 1.  Narges Mohammadi  - The Nobel Peace Prize always fascinates me. Even more so are the stories and ethos of that award. Mohammadi is one of those cases. She is currently serving a ten-year sentence in prison for promoting basic human rights work. Amazing.  2. Simone Biles Wins Again - Yup, she officially became the most decorated gymnast of all time. Truly, a once-in-a-generation athlete.  3.  New York State Police  - I'm giving police their due on this story. We've tilted to such an anti-police society that these stories truly should be celebrated. With quick work and response, and so much more in between, New York State Police were able to find a missing girl within hours. Great stuff.  3 Down 1. War in Israel - In what is likely to become the biggest world affairs issue of the year, the horrendous war that has begun in Israel has reignited decades and layers of history of conflict. Some of the reports of death and acts are unconscionable and are sure to be the start o

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 10/1/23

3 Up 1. Government Shutdown Averted - It almost happened, but luckily it didn't. I feel for so many government officials and employees who likely suffered anxiety because our government is incapable of functioning correctly.  2. WNBA Playoffs - Thus far, the WNBA playoffs have been very enjoyable. Maybe it's just me, but the league is in a good spot with lots of talent.  3. Tupac Murder Solved? This is so weird. Incredibly weird. I'm excited that the murder is solved (is it?), but at this point, I'm incredibly interested in what spurred this sudden decision.  3 Down 1. Migrant Crossings - Sure, the southern border is part of the problem. However, migrant crossings are an issue all over the world. Here in NYC, it continues to place a strain on the city and the surrounding areas. Immigration is rapidly becoming a hot topic again.  2. Flood Threats - We've seen an increase in flooding around the world in various areas and cities. From levels rising, to extreme weather,