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How Great is the Power of Loneliness?

Mightier than the sword and the pen. At the root from which temptation stems. My fingers begin to slip, Into the Devil’s hand who extends.   Loneliness is an unequivocal nightmare. A constant reminder. Alone. By yourself. On your own. You have no help.   You think of the old friend, you see their back. Think about the friend you wish you had, Who makes you think back, To the old friend who turned their back.   All of the others who you embrace, To feel comfortable, to feed your ego, to protect your insecurities, to pretend, to hide your true face.   Your darkness is lit by that candle. It covers the greatest fear in your life. Afraid of dreams becoming memories, And memories becoming ghosts.   A never-ending nightmare, With no awakening in the future, No idea where this nightmare will go, And a desperate soul reaching to the depths of hell for help.

A Look at The State of the Union Address

After one year in office as president of the free world, President Obama strapped into the  chamber’s pulpit to deliver his first State of the Union address. An address that was anticipated as it lets the American people in on what to expect, how the mess of the past will be taken care of, and the blue print for the remaining three years of his term. President Obama’s address was one of the most interesting addresses in the past few years. He touched on the glaring issues facing our nation (Economy, Jobs, Unemployment), pushed for continued reform to health care, and even called for Democrats and Republicans to quit attempting to undermine one another, and focus on the greater good of the American people. The aura and the feeling in the chamber indeed resonated through the television screen. The feeling of the skepticism and cynicism of the reds combined with the awkward, over-joyous behavior of dems was one that created a unique environment, yet brought out a certain edge, a certa

Dome Pondering Movie Review: Sugar (2008)

What’s it about? A baseball player from the Dominican Republic leaves his family and earns his way out of a Dominican baseball academy to Single-A baseball in the United States. Along the way of chasing his dream of playing in the big leagues, he endures the rigors of a trying odyssey that often goes untold with so many foreign players. He goes through various trials and tribulations that mold him and help him find his place in this world. Who is in it? Algenis Perez Soto – Miguel “Sugar” Santos Rayniel Rufino – Jorge Ramirez

Initial Thoughts on Haiti Earthquakes

As I write this, I’m not even sure how to convey the feelings and thoughts that I have over the events that have taken place in Haiti. It seems that Mark McGwire’s confession, Lane Kiffin’s exodus to USC, American Idol and whatever else are as meaningless as they really are in the grand scheme of things. In attempt, and to begin, I could say that I have been fortunate enough to grow up in a place such as New York City, a place that is diverse in every way imaginable. A place that is home to the largest population of Haitians in the United States. Due to that, I was able to encounter, experience, and appreciate the Haitian culture and most importantly, the kind of love the culture embraces. Many of my friends growing up were from Haitian families, and a few of those friends are still some of my closest friends today. And through my friendship with them, my experience with the culture, what I have learned from other Haitian-Americans in New York City, combined with the roots of my fa

Say What? Glenn Beck’s Comments on Race, Correct.

Lets just get this out of the way – I admit it. I agree with Glenn Beck. What? No, I don’t agree with Glenn Beck’s views on President Obama, our current governmental leadership, or his comment that President Obama is racist (which is beyond insane). In fact, I rarely agree with Beck as he makes a lot of crazy, absurd, and over-the-top comments to rile up viewers, create debates, and most importantly keep his name (and his media programs) in the forefront. However, Beck often makes his opinion known on certain topics, and his latest point of view regarding the upcoming United States census is one that is very interesting…one that yes, I agree with. The new census forms set to begin distribution, fired up Beck due to three particular choices given to respondents, “Black”, “Negro”, “African-American”. Beck, known for letting his tongue loose had the following comments: “African-American is a bogus, PC, made-up term. That is not a race. Your ancestry is from Africa, and

Dome Pondering Movie Review: Obsessed (2009)

What’s it about? A executive president with a wife and child has his entire life placed in jeopardy after a temp worker from his office becomes obsessed and begins stalking him. Who is in it? Idris Elba – Derek Charles Beyonce Knowles – Sharon Charles Ali Larter – Lisa Sheridan

Dome Pondering Movie Review: I Love You Man (2009)

What’s it about? A friendless man goes on a series of “man-dates” to search for his best man at his upcoming wedding. Who is in it? Paul Rudd – Peter Klaven Rashida Jones – Zooey Rice Jason Segal – Sidney Fife

A Global World Series? Have a Little Faith in Selig

In a story that is sure to rile up baseball traditionalists, and other members of the anti-Bud Selig club, Major League Baseball and Nippon Professional Baseball are working on an agreement to set up a meeting of the two leagues’ champions in a Global World Series. MLB Commissioner, Bud Selig, who is set to retire in 2012, has made the project a priority, and would like to have it installed before he drifts off into the sunset. However, once again, with change to the game of baseball and its rules, there is opposition to installing such a sector of the post season which would guarantee a real world champion. Many are already opposing the idea with various claims of ruining the integrity and tradition of the game. Without details set, and logistics solidified, some are even stating that it extends the baseball season too long, which would then be from February to November, and even longer on years including the World Baseball Classic. And although baseball fans (some who

Agent Zero (I.Q.)

Apparently Gilbert Arenas has never heard of Plaxico Burress. On the heels of the NBA suspending Arenas without pay for his tryst with firearms in his locker, everyone must be asking, what in the world was Arenas thinking? Arenas does have licenses for the firearms that were flaunted in the Washington Wizards locker room, when he and Javaris Crittenton played their version a wild wild west draw. However, like Burress, Arenas’ guns were registered in another state. Despite that fact, Arenas playing and drawing real-life guns as if they were super-soakers in a jokingly manner over a $25,000 bet exhibits the kind of macho bravado with child-like behavior that Arenas has come to be known for. A few years ago, yours truly wrote a piece endorsing Arenas for an NBA All-Star Game ( Arenas Showing World That We Are Indeed Fools ). Then, Arenas began to show the type of player that we all have come to know. Talented. Unbelievably talented. He had a chip on his shoulder. He wanted to pro

The Big Unit: “One of the Best Player’s Ever to Wear a MLB uniform”

After twenty-two years of service, “The Big Unit” Randy Johnson finally has decided to retire from professional baseball. While the news may just gain a blurb or a highlight package in certain media circles, Johnson’s career should not be understated – he was one of the best player’s ever to wear a Major League uniform. While I understand that he was never a popular guy amongst the media (especially here in New York) or was highly marketable, “The Unit” was one of the rarest combination of physical uniqueness and remarkable talent that this earth has ever bear witness to. There have been various pitches who have been physically intimidating, but few were intimidating and talented, if at all, at least one, was able to do so, and that was Randy Johnson. As he stood on the mound with his 6’10'’ bird-like, wiry frame, Johnson’s wind up and follow through looked more like he was taking one giant step towards home plate while throwing 97mph-plus. Not fair. And when he felt like b

Never Never Land (Part II): Review of January 4th

What a night January 4th was! From the buzz on the internet, the reactions from wrestling fans, and the sheer excitement of what the future holds, the night was a total success. Like I described in the first part of this series ( Never Never Land ), as the clock creeped toward the eight o’ clock hour I found myself with jubilee that was borderline embarrassment. The kind of embarrassment that had my tag team partner probably wondering just how great is this addiction of pro wrestling that yours truly suffers from?  However, she is new to this addiction. She doesn’t understand the connection to my (and others) childhood that this addiction holds, and the nostalgia that is and were the Monday Night Wars. Even though, to her only one show existed on January 4th, as she despises Vince McMahons company, it was obvious there was a bit of curiousness of what each show would bring. Yet, that is why January 4th was exciting. New fans of professional wrestling were able to exp

Never Never Land

Never say “never” in the wrestling business. Every wrestling fan has heard that phrase in regards to the industry that they love. In wrestling, where the demand for talent is high, the value of trust is low, and the crap shoveled behind-the-scenes due to politics is as high as the Appalachians, one would think that “never” would would indeed be a real concept. Prone for broken relationships and bridges, the wrestling business has seen scenarios develop beyond the entertainment product and more real than life itself, still defy those justifications for the feud to continue, as clearer skies prevailed. However, with all the broken relationships, bridges, and deceit that were eventually amended, one chapter remained unfinished – Bret Hart.

Dome Pondering Movie Review: Sunshine Cleaning (2008)

What’s it about? After her son is removed from school, a mom begins an unusual business of biohazard removal/crime scene clean up service with her enigmatic and unreliable sister. Through her desperation and operation of the business she learns more about herself, her son, her father, and that life is indeed the messy business. Who is in it? Amy Adams – Rose Lorkowski Emily Blunt – Norah Lorkowski Alan Arkin – Joe Lorkowski Jason Spevack – Oscar Lorkowski