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Predictions and Wild Guesses for the 2023 MLB Season

The Major League Baseball season snuck up on me. It really did. From the success of my New York Knicks, the crazy March Madness results, and everything that was the World Baseball Classic, suddenly opening day was upon us. Truthfully, I wish it were like that all the time. Spring Training, the mundane product it can be at times, can feel like a sludge until games mattered.  Nonetheless, here we are!  I'm super interested in the new rules to help move games along. I'm also interested to see how the on-the-field product changes, more so how it becomes more entertaining. The game does need it.  There's not much else to say in this introduction. I'm happy to dive into the baseball season. As always, below are my wacky predictions and wild guesses for the 2023 MLB season.  --- STANDINGS (WINS) AL East Yankees - 93 Orioles - 88 Blue Jays - 87 Rays - 82 Red Sox - 77 AL Central Guardians - 91 White Sox - 85 Twins - 83 Royals - 74 Tigers - 70 AL West Astros - 101 Angels - 90 Ran

Final Thoughts on World Baseball Classic 2023

I've always thought the skepticism around the World Baseball Classic was silly. Dating back to 2006 when a young me adorned a college dorm room with buddies, lauding the tournament concept, the World Baseball Classic was just as important.  It never grew. It never increased in awesomeness. It never "got better".  The truth has always been that we - the United States of America - didn't respect it. For whatever arrogant belief we had, maybe because baseball is the fabric of our culture and yes, we're pretty good at it, our country struggles with the international concept. Unlike the rest of the world, the club comes before the country representation, which is strange considering our belief in socially accepted feelings around exceptionalism and requisites for patriotism.  I'll digress here... Whatever.  The World Baseball Classic is one of the most significant additions to the game and the sport. In this 2023 edition, we - as Americans - are beginning to not on

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 3/26/23

3 Up 1. Aid Workers Freed - After six years of captivity, an American aid worker who served as a missionary and as a humanitarian aid worker was freed in Niger. The story is one that surely places life in perspective.  2. Shoehei Ohtani - Ohtani sure is fun on the big stage, huh? MLB has one of the most entertaining athletes on the globe. Let's hope they can capitalize on that.  2a. Team Japan - I won't get into the wars of baseball here, but it sure was fun to watch Japan's approach to baseball throughout the tournament. There's a lot to be said about how they play the game, more so, how they teach the game.  2c. World Baseball Classic - Ohtani vs. Trout to end the tournament. You couldn't have drawn up a better script. I completely expect the next one to be just as good.  3. Adam Sandler - Say what you want about Sandler - fan or not - receiving the Mark Twain Prize for his almost-three decades of work is pretty remarkable. I actually had the privilege to meet Sa

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 3/19/23

3 Up 1. Migrant Help - So much is facing our nation right now. The Migrant crisis is one of them. For me - and again, just me - as I know how easy narratives are to roll right into personal politics these days, you rarely hear about solutions. It wasn't a huge story this week, but it definitely impacted me. We need more of this.  2. College Athletics - From March Madness and so many upsets along with the new landscape of college athletics taking shape, to the NCAA Wrestling Championships - this week was fun. Shout out to Caitlyn Clark who continues to be awesome. Farleigh Dickinson making history. And Matt Ramos gave us the biggest shock of the year - pinning 3-time National Champion, Spencer Lee.  3. World Baseball Classic - People seriously think "no one cares about this tournament". Like, really? The WBC alone is awesome. At the very core of it, I'd take this over Spring Training any year.  3 Down 1. Big Tech Layoffs - Big Tech continues to downsize, with this wee

Gone and Present

Gone and Present Gone,  yet, I understand,  my beginning, my being, my reasons my, why. The reflection of everything,  deep within my son's eyes.  And still, you remain, present.   Every day. 

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 3/12/23

3 Up 1. AI Software for Breast Cancer - I'm still on the fence when it comes to AI, especially when it formalizes writing and thoughts, and everything else for you. Looking at you ChatGPT! However, this - THIS - is kind of awesome where we can detect breast cancer long before it becomes a burden.  2. Everything Everywhere All at Once - I'll probably end up watching this film in four years. You all know my timeliness when it comes to films. However, walking away with seven Oscars, including Best Picture, is definitely quite the night for the film. And even more so, a HUGE notice for people like me to see this.  2a. Michelle Yeoh - Ahh yes, when they say "diversity" is a thing of the past, we still get stories like Yeoh, the first Asian Woman to win best actress.  2b. Ruth E. Carter - Call me crazy, but I enjoy watching the Oscars for moments like this - the people behind the screen whose contributions don't get the love it deserves. Carter is not only that with

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 3/5/23

3 Up 1. Insulin Cap - Eli Lilly stepped up to the plate this week and delivered the news that it would slash insulin costs up to 70% and provide a cap of $25 on its price. Considering what insulin costs in this country, compared to others, that's a bold step for Big Pharma, and yeah, a right step in just being decent humans.  2. New York Knicks - I don't care. Be mad at me. My boys are rolling. I'm not sure what it is, but Julius Randle is the athlete I continue to believe in - this year, that loyalty is paying off.  3. Creed III Debut - No, no, no. I didn't go to the movie theater. Long-time readers here know the deets on that - that no movie theater streak is still going strong. Regardless, I'm giving props to Michael B Jordan and Creed III which crushed it at the box office. The franchise really has developed into a strong entity. 3 Down 1. Airport Explosives Caught - I'm giving this the top spot because for some reason, in a world of absolute chaos and other

Dome Pondering Movie Review: You People (2023)

What is it about?  A new couple of modern love deals with family dynamics, historical baggage, and societal expectations en route to their wedding day. Who is in it?  Jonah Hill - Ezra Lauren London - Amira Eddie Murphy - Akbar Julia Louis-Dreyfus - Shelley Favorite Scene:  While driving in the car, Niggas in Paris begins to play and Akbar repeatedly asks Ezra what the name of the song is, to which he replies with multiple nonchalant answers that dance around the question.  Favorite Quote:  Akbar: Black folks don't really have a good relationship with boats. Amira: That's very true. Or water. Shelley: Kind of like Jews with trains, right? Arnold: Wow. Bingo. Review:  There is a lot that can be said about You People. A lot.  Going into the film, there has been plenty of hype on the comedy, the star-studded cast, and the topic at hand which is quite timely considering the social climate of our country. All of it is true.  Yet, after finishing this film and digesting it, I dislike

Impact No Surrender 2023 Review: "Interested in where the Product is Going"

I've fallen behind on my Impact Wrestling viewing, but honestly, that's okay. For viewership and enjoyment, yes. Not so well for posting a review for readership long after it's noteworthy or relevant. But whatevs, that's just where I am in life. Wrestling is much more fun removed from the restraints and influence of the criticism and impact (no pun intended) of the current time. That's just me. You can probably thank social media. Moving on, No Surrender 2023 continues Impact's progress into the new year. The product is still solid and consistent with a nice blend of characters and wrestlers moving in and out of the main event scene, along with a fresh batch of a resurgence of characters and occurrences. Nothing says that more than Rich Swann vs. Josh Alexander.  No Surrender was a solid event, but it does leave me extremely interested in where the product is going, or should I say planning, for 2023. I don't want to say that Alexander's title reign has