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The "N" Word: How a Simple Suffix Seperates

Hello. Greetings. Hi. How's it going? What's going on dude? What up nigga? Huh? Come again? Yeah, that's right, "What up nigga?" That statement alone has caused you, the reader, into a social shift into acceptance, defiance, a feeling of uncomfortableness, and other mixed bags of emotions. Nonetheless, whatever it may be, that very word, whether used in a greeting, statement or salutation, causes an uneasiness in relationships, and social well-being. However, it is a word that is used commonly in today's society. It's a word similar to the racial slur and hateful word of "nigger" which is used amongst friends, family, and confidants. It is practiced amongst many, as it is part of the hip-culture which embodies what America is today. It's use, as common as "dude, and "son" leaves the mouths of many youth today. Afterall, it's a universal term right?

Dome Pondering Classic - "Living Life Uphill: The Battle of America's Inner City Children"

A recent discussion with a close and loved one over different surroundings and upbringings reminded me of this piece. After searching through the vault, it was found, and a post was inevitable. The long read (And I mean long) was written in 2003 for a introductory writing course. So without any further due, here it is... Living Life Uphill: The Battle of America's Inner City Children Manifesto Throughout history, there have been many forms of life and culture. Dating as far back as the origin of this great nation, many have lead different lives. From those that made their living in the open plains farming to the others who manned factories and industrialization plants in the cities, life has given everyone different cards to play with. Nonetheless, everyone worked with what they had to make life and society better for the entire population. People were people. No matter where they grew up, or resided, a man from the outskirts of Chicago was looked at the sam

Stories of the First Half & Wishes for the Latter.

Homerun Derby Done. All-Star Game completed. We are now ready to engage in the most important stretch of the Major League Baseball schedule - the second half. With the second half comes pennant races, creative trades and do or die series with rivaled division opponents. The second half of the season is gearing up to be an exciting one. However, before we look forward, here are my top ten stories from the first half of the season. 10. Delmon Young Throws Bat - Wow! No words can express Delmon Young's actions. The footage of this action was one never seen before as the bat thumped off the umpire's chest. There's a line seperating actions of how far to voice your opinion on the officiating of any game, but Young crossed that line and then some. Very foolish move on his part as a prized prospect in the Devil Ray's organization. Due to his actions, he got dealt with. Young recieved a 50 game suspension handed down by MLB and a ruined reputation. 9. Joe Mauer Becomes

Imagination - The missing Piece of the American Pie

"Cheating Death. Stealing Life". The catchy and trademark title of the Eddie Guerrero autobiography is one that is worth a read. The autobiography, ofcourse about the wrestler himself, is a story that is full of despair, struggle, triumph and life lessons that sets it apart from many other wrestling autobiographies on the market. After completing it, one has to ponder about the world of professional wrestling and its true relations with society over the past and into the future. Professional wrestling has been around since 1901. Many historical records date back to the early 1900's and some even dwindles further back. It was derived ofcourse, from the art of greco roman wrestling, thus evolving into much more than a struggle between two men. From the bounds of amatuer wrestling as it is called today, grew professional wrestling, a stigma which captured the attention of those seeking much more than a mat and a scoreboard. The wrestling business quickly caught on in No