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What Happened to Human Decency?

Often in suicide cases, I have no sympathy and empathy for any person that decides to take their life. No matter how hard life becomes, ending your own life is for lack of a better phrase, a cop out. However, when it comes to the tragic story of Tyler Clementi, a part of me has sympathy for the victimized young man. Not because his life was ended, but because he was a victim of a growing epidemic in this country. In fact, the story is one that emits sadness as well as an awareness to examine how truly heartless, inconsiderate, and selfless our society has become. Clementi, obviously ashamed after not only his sexual encounter with another man was revealed on the internet, but the identity of his sexuality, decided to end what many friends and family described as a talented and bright future. This was a life that was baited into being cut short. Suicidal thoughts that were forced into his mental well-being by two individuals who found the humiliation of another person to be sim

Dome Pondering Import - “Going To Bat For NCCADV”

Yesterday, yours truly played in a charity softball game that raised money for the Nassau County Coalition Against Domestic Violence. The game which saw the Lynbrook Baptist Church against the Lynbrook Volunteer Fire Department, raised $6,215 for the charity group. The event gathered a community crowd that saw the Lynbrook Baptist Church defeat the Volunteer Fire Department 21-20 with a walk-off three run homerun. After playing  an entire summer where we went winless, we finally won in a dramatic game that many were just hoping we made it competitive. A true underdog story that occurred on television, and in front of the community. A simple game for charity, but one of the best sports stories and experiences that I have ever been apart of in my life. Below is the article from the Lynbrook Patch along with some pictures from the event. 

Dome Pondering Movie Review: The Black Balloon (2008)

What is it about? Thomas Mollison learns to come to grips with living with his autistic brother while attempting to live through a normal adolescence. Who is in it? Rhys Wakefield – Thomas Mollison Luke Ford – Charlie Mollison Toni Collete – Maggie Mollison Gemma Ward – Jackie Masters

Until Five…

“ I have until five!” It’s a moniker coined by Bryan Danielson (now Daniel Bryan of WWE fame) when he would let the referee know of the officiating rule count when it came to a choke hold. It’s also a phrase that comes to mind on a day like today where my tag team partner and I celebrate our five year anniversary. The two reasons for the same phrase aren’t exactly related, in fact, they are quite inverted and contrary. While Danielson often let go before the count of five, my tag team partner and I are not only holding on, but entering a new phase in our lives as we prepare to wed exactly a year from now. I often joked with my roommate in college that it would be nice to return for a wedding several years later for someone I actually knew as opposed to the many distant invitations I have accepted over the years. Often, we would joke that a “five year plan” should suffice for such an event. Well, a couple of years later, he is still dating, and well, my now fiancé and I just co

Dome Pondering Movie Review: Pirate Radio (2009)

What is it about? The story and adventures of a band of rock and roll rogue DJ’s aboard a boat in the North Sea. They produced and delivered a pirate radio station in the United Kingdom during the 1960’s when rock and roll music was outlawed. Who is in it? Phillip Seymour Hoffman – The Count Bill Nighy - Quentin Nick Frost – Doctor Dave Kenneth Branagh – Sir Alistair Dormandy

Equal Flames

Oh to look yonder, and see the blaze, strong in appearance, scorching in feeling. Every man, woman, and child with fuel, drip, drop, pour, dump. Who contributes to such mayhem? Oh, to look on in disgust around me, until I notice that my very hands are smoldering ash.

The One Word To Describe Braylon’s Decision

“Way to go Braylon, way to go!” Those were the first words that exited my mouth upon reading the news regarding Braylon Edwards recent arrest for drunk driving. It’s the kind of response that reeks of sarcas, begs for a head shake, and the calling of a name that perfectly supports the current situation. At the time, stupid sounded like the best word. After all, what in the world was he thinking? Ah mean, what’s with New York football players, who are wide recievers, and who wear #17? In a world where we hear stories of drunk driving taking innocent lives too many times, not to mention the horrific story involving Dante Stallworth , which should hit home with Edwards, he ought to know better, right? Maybe stupid isn’t strong enough, how about dumb? After taking a few minutes to allow the immediate Jets fan emotional rant subside in me, the best word that comes to mind to describe Braylon Edwards’ decision was simply this – arrogance. Michael Irvin once said, “In order

Dome Pondering Import - “Acceptance” By: Langston Hughes

Here is a poem written by one of my favorite writers/poets, Langston Hughes. While going through some of his work - something I occasionally do from time to time - I came upon this short piece entitled, “Acceptance”. The poem is one that I find to be very sharp in its point, while delivering a message of humor alongside it. What makes it remarkable, much like a lot of Hughes’ work, is his ability to get that point across in so few words to illicit so many thoughts. Acceptance By: Langston Hughes God in His infinite wisdom Did not make me very wise- So when my actions are stupid They hardly take God by surprise

Ground Zero Mosque Debate Needs Alternative Solution

There is no question, that the day of September 11th will forever be a noteworthy day on the calendar. The phrase, “the day that changed our world forever” best describes all that surrounds the 9/11. So, as we take a moment to remember those that we lost on that ill-fated day nine years ago, we are also engulfed with the sensitivity issue around the future of ground zero. Yes, I’m referring to the controversial mosque that is slated to be built near ground zero. With the debate growing day by day, so is the intensity and backlash as both sides are not content on compromising. The tension has risen to such a point that there is a growing sentiment of dislike, which is now entering discrimination. The political (and legal) response from New York City Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama is that Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf and his proposal to build a mosque is acceptable. And quite frankly, it is. Adbudl Rauf has every right to build or transform any real estate or property he owns int

Statistics and Numbers: Foundation of Thome’s Hall Bid

Unlike other sports, baseball is very dependent on the statistics and numbers each player produces. It also works the other way, where the statistics and numbers clearly define the type of talent a player is. Because of the nature of the sport, it is very unlikely for a potential Hall of Famer to go unnoticed. Regardless of team, city, or market played for, great players in baseball cannot be hidden. However, for some odd and unique reason, one has flown under the radar when it comes to Hall of Fame discussions, his name – James Howard Thome. You might know him as Jim. Now you might be saying, “ C’mon, Thome a Hall of Famer? Get outta here!”. However, before you begin naming several names who are more worthy, or are more well-known (more on that in a bit) than Thome, take a look at Thome’s current career totals: BA H HR OBP SLG OPS .277 2205