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Dome Pondering Import - “No Choice But To Hate The Heat”

Here is an article I came across on It’s a well-written piece that perfectly describes that itch of hate that some fans have for the newly formed Miami Heat. It’s a hate for some that is not direct in distatse for the members of the team or the organization, but a lingering wish (like many) that they fall flat on their faces not just this year, but for the duration of their time together. Phil Taylor, in the piece below captures the exact feelings of many, and has somehow managed to put those feelings into words perfectly. 

Dome Pondering Movie Review: Up in the Air (2009)

What is it about? Ryan Bingham leads a life of traveling which is surrounded by his job of career transitioning counseling – firing employees. After his company decides to ground him due to the ideas of a young, bright, but naive girl, he decides to show her the error of her ways. In the process, he realizes the error of his ways, and all the hurt he’s been trying to avoid. Who is in it? George Clooney – Ryan Bingham Vera Farmiga – Alex Goran Anna Kendrick – Natalie Keener

Winning and Competitive Spirit On Different Pages

So after the disappointment that was LeBron James and his “decision”, we have the fall out with several NBA legends who have endorsed an almost ringing consensus – where has the spirit of competition gone? In a previous post (Disappointment: The True Fallout From “The Decision”) , yours truly touched base on the letdown of LeBron’s decision. It had nothing to do with the fact that he ditched my beloved New York Knicks, but the very way he has turned himself into an attention seeking personality that is more hung up on “building a brand" and becoming a “global icon” rather than competing. We won’t even go into the way he left his hometown out to dry. [And lets stop the “he did what was best for him and his family” spiel. It’s amazing how people reiterate common sayings to rectify and justify specific situations. LeBron’s family was well taken care of once he entered the NBA. This decision, as we all could tell by the one hour special, was all about him. Yes, him. But I’ll digr

In My Corner

It seems we walk that aisle every night. Staring into the lights. Staring out into the world. No regrets. No concerns. No way back.   The naysayers boo, and some whisper their words of destruction. Others arise to their feet in support, on board with this uniqueness. Yet they all turn in unison, as we come through those curtains.   We defy the attention. We defy the spotlight. We defy the acknowledgement. It’s about quick tags and ring positioning in this life, and thus remains our focus. We remain loyal to our arsenal of clashing forks, fireworks, and sticking it to the man.   Through it all, we season, we sharpen, and we leave just a little bit to our craziness. For craziness is like heaven… And that’s a finisher that no one has been able to kick out of.   It all has been a wonderful ride to this point, And it is a ride, that has just begun. All in all, I am very happy that each and every night, you are in my corner. Big T

Disappointment: The True Fallout From “The Decision”

“I’m taking my talents, and I’m going to South Beach to play with the Miami Heat.” -LeBron James It’s a statement that caused a wave of emotions for many fans, executives, experts, and officials depending on your line of thinking and of course, where you live. After much hoopla and grand pomp and circumstance created by LeBron and “his camp”, the world watched due to intrigue but rolled their eyes with every comment made by the superstar. And rolling their eyes was just the beginning of the backlash from many who have used specific words to label the decision made by LeBron, but the way he has handled this entire "supposed” magical summer of 2010. Gone. It was the word used to describe LeBron James on the day after “The Decision” in  Cleveland. The Cleveland Plain Dealer also decided to take a swipe at James in regards to letting the world know that he never delivered a ring to the championship-starved city. It’s an appropriate word to describe the way James decided to make

“The Knicks Are Back!”

“The Knicks are back!” A simple statement made by Amar’e Stoudemire, the newest member of my beloved Knicks. Yes, as a die hard Knick fan, I have had my share of rants ( Embarrassing – The State of The New York Knickerbockers , A Different Year it is Not , Do Something Right: Isiah’s “One Year” Continues , One More Year of Possible Frustration. A Future of Guaranteed Idiocy ) and raves over the past years here at the DP in regards to the love that dominates my winters. Nonetheless, on the midnight that reigned in that magical date of July 1st, 2010, the possibilities seemed worth it for putting up with the last decade. And now, after several days of following NBA free agency to the point of obsession, listening to Chris Broussard mention everyone going to Chicago 7,289 times, and feeling like once again, due to the possibility of getting shut out that there was a curse on Knick fans, Amar’e Stoudemire is now a New York Knick. And although he is not the acquisition every Kni

An Alternative View on Vick’s Situation

Michael Vick is back in the news…again. And after the second chance, the sympathy, and the grand reclamation project that he has become, Vick finds himself involved with the law for yet another time. And although dog lovers and animal rights activists have yet to forgive him (and probably won’t), Vick’s comeback seemed to have been a mild success until now. Vick, who is tied to a shooting that occurred outside of a restaurant which held his 30th birthday party festivities, is on the hot seat in regards to the truth of what happened. So, what did actually happen? Vick claimed he left 30 minutes before the shootings occurred. Actual video evidence showed that he did indeed leave 3 minutes before the shootings, and headed in the direction of the shooting. Regardless of the truth, this does not look good for Vick. And after reviewing this situation, it is hard to believe that Vick would put himself in such a position. It is understood that Vick may not have known what would ha

Don’t Give Up, Don’t Give In.

Every so often, there is a story in the news that makes you stop dead in your tracks. The sort of story that makes you squint your eyes, purs your lips, and get the wheels in the dome moving quite a bit. Usually these kind of stories are the ones that are plastered on the front page with some catchy headline that helps sell newspapers, solicit clicks, or create the proverbial retweet. The kind of story that is negative in nature, or juicy enough in raw gossip. However, the story yours truly came across a couple of weeks ago is the kind that is non of the aforementioned. In fact, it is quite the opposite. This story was the kind that was buried in the middle of the paper and probably passed over for Lady Gaga or Lebron James. The story that I am describing is one in which a 18 year old homeless teenager, abandoned by his parents, earns a college scholarship. The story which can be read here , is one that I feel should be read by everyone. A story, which somewhat mirrors the story