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Dome Pondering - 2021 Year in Review

Well, that happened. It wasn't 2020, so I guess we'll take it?  That's just my initial response and reaction as I begin this reflection of 2021. At ain't 2020.  Whether we think 2021 was the milder sequel to the original horror depends on your experience. Regardless, 2021 brought about the first stage of unpacking 2020, as well as slowly navigating how we move on. From finding ourselves once again in morning commutes, planning trips, finally seeing faces beyond the realm of a digital screen, and so much more, 2021 presented itself holistically as a year of transition, yet as an incomplete phase that is sure to continue into 2022.  Is this the second chapter of some trilogy we'll look back on? Once again, who knows? With the Omicron virus giving familiar vibes of early parts of the pandemic, it's already done a good job of setting us up for a tremendous cliffhanger for 2020, part III.  Nonetheless, as is tradition, let's get to the sixteenth (!!!)

The Pondering 10 - Most Fascinating Things of 2021

I have no idea where 2021 went. Truthfully, I think we've all been trying so hard to move on from the grips of a pandemic, from the socio-political climate we find ourselves in, and in many ways, still reeling from the effects of 2020, that 2021 dropped in, and is leaving before we had a chance appreciate it. At least, that is my experience. Regardless, as is tradition around these parts, before the big post that is the Year in Review with Awards , reflections, and all that jazz, here are a few things I found extremely fascinating in 2021.

100% Is Not Guaranteed: Navigating COVID & Parenting

This past week, my son's school notified us that his class would be shut down for a potential positive COVID case. This occurrence marked the second time in less than a month my wife and I would have to endure this, with the first being an experience that likely will scar any parent.  What was the first time, you ask?  Well, imagine receiving the ominous message that a child in your son's class "potentially may be positive". And of course, because of the world we live in now - you know, all of us being expert COVID tracers and novice epidemiologists - you quickly do the math and realize said child had two full days to possibly transmit COVID to your son...and others. But yeah, YOUR SON.   What do they mean, "potentially may be positive?" What if he is positive?  What if we are positive?  The story further unraveled that the parents of the said "potential" child were aware they were positive for the virus, yet, continued to send their child to schoo

Pondering Picture #108

  Give your energy to what is REAL. 

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 12/19/21

3 Up 1. Jim Finch - In the top spot is non-other than this story of Jim Finch. The selfless dude drove from Maryland to Kentucky with a bunch of food and a grill to help serve the people devastated by the recent tornadoes. Yo, that's just big-time kindness right there.  2. Steph Curry - Well, Curry is now (officially) the greatest shooter of all time. Curry passed Ray Allen this week with two quick three-pointers to tie and eventually break the record against my New York Knicks.  I had some quick thoughts this week on appreciating Curry.

The Human Cheat Code for Basketball: Grateful for Steph Curry

Count me in as one of the many hoop junkies that found Steph Curry becoming the all-time three-point king to be a really special moment. Yes (and, of course) it came at the expense of my New York Knicks - and on the floor of Madison Square Garden. Because, well, of course. Such is Knicks fandom.  However, my appreciation for Curry is very much what you would hear from just about anyone talking about him - the dude is just electric. He's box office. And of course, he literally changed the game of basketball.  There is nothing more tributing to Curry's influence on the sport than walking by any local playground, walking into any gym, or watching any High School basketball game and experiencing young men and women hoisting (and making!) shots from areas of the court that once got you a seat on the bench. 

The Pondering 10 - Favorite ROH Wrestlers

As ROH closed its doors on an era that likely will no longer exist, regardless of the company's fate, I can't but help to have some nostalgia for the company. At one time, ROH was an enjoyable and legitimate option for yours truly when it came to wrestling. In many ways, a saving grace when pro wrestling felt a bit bleak during that time in history.  With that said, in the following Pondering 10 , I share my favorite wrestlers from ROH: 

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 12/12/21

3 Up 1. Masayuki Uemura - It's odd to lead off with death, but I prefer to celebrate the life and accomplishment of Uemura. The mind and architect behind the Nintendo Entertainment System, it was Uemura who helped revolutionize everything we know and appreciate about gaming today.  2. Max Verstappen and Julianna Pena - There was so much awesomeness that happened in sports this weekend. I'll give props to Verstappen on an amazing final lap to win the F1 Championship and Julianna Pena who submitted Amanda Nunes among the many others. Of course, we also had an amazing MLS Cup Final, Steph Curry chasing the all-time 3-point record, and so much more. Yay Sports weekend! 

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 12/5/21

3 Up 1. Barbados Becomes Republic - Congrats to the wonderful island of Barbados who cut ties with the British monarchy after nearly 400 years. The country is now a republic and will now be led by its first President, Sandra Mason. Major props to my Caribbean folks!  2. Stacey Abrams Runs for Governor - Abrams is an utter monster in what she has done in the state of Georgia at the grassroots political level. Of course, there was some controversy in the results of her first run for Governor, but really, that's what created the motivated Abrams we now know. I'm highly intrigued to see how this plays out next year - especially in the current battleground that is Georgia. 

Dome Pondering Movie Review: Fatherhood (2021)

What is it about?  A new father copes with the adjustment of his life to fatherhood after the sudden death of his wife immediately following the birth of his daughter.  Who is in it?  Kevin Hart - Matt Logelin Alfre Woodard - Marion Lil Rel Howery - Jordan DeWanda Wise - Swan