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One Year Longer. One Year Stronger.

One Year Longer. One Year Stronger. I look back. I remember the times. Football in the street. Manhunt at night. Swinging for the fences. Guarding my man tight. It seemed like yesterday. One year, by one year…it becomes so far away. Summers of endless care. Back to school in the fall. Springing onto everywhere. Even the winter was a ball. Yet, our vision was so dull. So shallow. And so na├»ve. Grades, sports, and friends were the focus of it all. Crushes were a reach. It kept us real. It made us believe. It seemed like yesterday. One Year, by one year…it becomes so far away. High School. Dances. Cliques. Coming of age. (We Think?) Pressure. Stress. “Hey, we figured it out!” All of it a bridging link. Now it’s College, parties, studying, and all-nighters in the dorm. Intellect, questioning, revolutions, as curiosity becomes the norm. Learning life’s wrongs. Improving the cons. Lifelong bonds. It seemed like yesterday. One year, by one year…it becomes so far away. The past seems like a gr

Legally Over, Morally Just Beginning

Redskin. It is a term that has been creating controversy for so long amongst the Native American and football communities. The term, "Redskin", was traditionally used by european settlers and invaders to describe Native Americans who were skinned and burnt at a stake. However, "Redskin", is also a term that resonates with football fans across the nation as being synonymous with tradition and lure in Washington D.C. One word. Two different meanings. Who's correct? After years of appeal, struggle, argument, and polls, the United States Court of Appeals finally ruled in favor of tradition. The tradition being in favor of the Washington Redskins football team. Yours truly has touched base on this issue in the past regarding the use of the term as a team name, and it's respect for the native American community and Indian Country ( A Missing Ingredient in the Melting Pot ). After a seventeen year long dispute between Indian Country and the Washington Redskins, the

No Excuse: The Fall of Manny Ramirez

" Manny Ramirez suspended 50 games for drug violation. " As disappointing as this is to the baseball world, it seems the steroid fallout is far from being over. The baseball world has been recovering from the news of Alex Rodriguez's use of performance enhancing drugs, yet, the news of Ramirez's positive test opened those sore wounds of disappointment. Ramirez, who is the greatest right-handed hitter of this generation, had a cult-like following and a lovable reputation with fans, that created a fun atmosphere in a child's game. However, now he forever will be known as...cheater. Even more so than others. Ramirez is by far the biggest name to be caught under Major League Baseball's new drug testing policy. With all the news surrounding Ramirez's positive test, and the impact it has on baseball's image, credit needs to go to MLB for it's effective policy, and for making an example of one of it's biggest stars. Despite the numerous allegations re

Under 25 and Loaded: The Future Faces of Pitching

Major League baseball has enjoyed the rise of various stars throughout the league which has added a new, interesting, and fresh dynamic to the baseball landscape. In the past, we have touched base on a few of those stars who are helping to reshape and update the image of baseball. However, on the other side of the spectrum are many great young pitchers. A few of those, who are downright exceptional in their character, image, potential, and talent. Here, yours truly, will spotlight fifteen pitchers, twenty-five years of age and younger, that will impact the future, become household names in their respective cities, and throughout Major League Baseball as well. 1. Joba Chamberlain , 23, New York Yankee s - Joba broke onto the scene two years ago with a blazing fastball and a wicked slider anchoring the Yankee bullpen, and bridging the gap to Mariano Rivera. After much debate, Joba is now utilizing all four of his plus-pitches as a starter, and is poised to be a potential number one star