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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 10/30/22

3 Up 1. Rishi Sunak - The UK has named its new Prime Minister. Sunak is also the first Prime Minister of color. Sunak, 42, is also the youngest prime minister as well. Sunak is worth over $800 million as well (Damn!). It's quite an interesting pick to lead the union after a shaky year of leadership. Very different for the UK.  2. Adidas - Well, well, well. I honestly didn't think they had it in them to let Kanye out of his deal. Good to see there are some standards of morality remaining, even with billions of dollars at stake.  3. World Series - So far, this series has been VERY entertaining. Though my gut says not many are tuning in, I'm looking forward to a good series to cap off the baseball season.  3 Down 1. Pelosi Home Invasion - What. Are. We. Doing?! Seriously. Is this where we're at now? Invasions and harm to those in office who don't align with your messaging? Scary times, ya'll.  How can we possibly get quality individuals to run for office with this

Unpacking the End of the Yankees 2022 Season

I had a hard time believing that the New York Yankees would get by the Houston Astros after their relief-inducing game-five victory against the Cleveland Guardians in the ALDS.  I don't say that to humble brag or express my knowledge about spawwwtts, bro (!) , but that's just honestly how I felt. Seeing this Yankee team, the same exact one that eventually was dominated in a four-game sweep, reaching the World Series just felt far too far-fetched. And even with that feeling and foresight, I still didn't expect the ALCS to be over in four games.  So here we are. I've given myself a few days to think and digest thoughts, feelings, and emotions on this Yankees loss before laying out this post. The heat from this fan base thus far has been as expected - loud, emotional, confusing, and in many ways, entitled. Throw in some hints of embarrassing takes, and a few rational responses - and you can confirm the following conclusion: Yankee fans have lost it.  Self-admittedly, I'

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 10/23/22

3 Up 1. Hearing Aids Over Counter - This is pretty cool even though we expected this. Sure, we can go into a deeper (more negative) discussion on the American healthcare system, but let's keep it positive. It is innovations and access like this that will help SO many in a significant way. Oh, the possibilities!  Yes, that was some sarcasm.  2. Emmett Till Statue - Much like above, there is a deeper discussion on Emmett Till, however, the positive is that a statue of Till is now present in Mississippi. We should NEVER forget Till and everything his death represents in the history and the fabric within the thread of our country's existence.  3. Philadelphia Phillies - They barely qualified for the playoffs, and here they are as 2022 National League Champions. Who had this predicted?!  Shout out to Bryce Harper finally getting to this stage and delivering in a big way.  3 Down 1. Kanye West - Okay, yes, this week West gets the top "down" spot. He's been consistent

Predictions and Wild Guesses for the 2022-23 NBA Season

Hoops are back in action and I could not be happier. Sure, my New York Knicks are typically the cause of pain and disgust (as they were last year in missing the playoffs - and even the play-in rounds), but truthfully, I'm not feeling very confident of my New York Yankees in their quest against a VERY good Houston Astros team in the American League Championship Series. So yeah, I'm preparing myself to turn the page from baseball to hoops.  This post provides some therapy, as it always does.  Regardless of the Yankee's outcome this week, I'm feeling fairly confident in my guys in orange and blue, primarily because of the one aspect that has alluded us for years - a reliable point guard! Jalen Brunson is so desperately needed and I'm excited to see what he does as a Knick. I'm also interested in the continued development of RJ Barrett, and of course, seeing yet another chapter of Julius Randle.  I'm also interested in year twenty (!) of LeBron James, Steph Curr

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 10/17/22

3 Up 1. Four Astronauts Return Home - I can't imagine being in space for six months. I've had my experiences of living out of a suitcase on earth for as long as two weeks on the road, and that's difficult. Space? For 6 months. Kudos to all four astronauts. And of course, I'm glad that they're home safe.  2. Bruce Sutter - The Hall of Fame unfortunately passed away this week. And while I never saw Sutter pitch, I too threw a split-fingered fastball when I didn't have much else in my development as a pitcher in college. I've got much respect for the inventor of the pitch. RIP.  3. Floating City - Give this article a read. A floating city? The whole entire idea sounds crazy, but at the same time, super cool. Rising sea levels has everyone thinking differently, and this is certainly that.  3 Down 1. Sandy Hook Families - The families were awarded a huge settlement this week in a case against Alex Jones. While that should be an "Up", I couldn't he

Bound For Glory 2022 Review: "I Trust Scott D'Amore"

I've found myself in a nice groove in following the Impact product like I do most of my favorite television shows - on demand, and just a bit behind schedule. It's not that I don't find it to be significant enough to follow live (or regularly), I just like the idea of being away from the internet "noise", and following the product as part of my time for my own enjoyment, rather than a "well what do you have for me this week" attachment. I'm not sure how to explain it other than that it keeps expectations low, and it all feels fun again.  Enter my late viewing of the Bound For Glory pay-per-view, and I can honestly say, this show was awesome. It was the kind of show that felt like an old-school TNA-level pay-per-view in many ways. Specifically, this was just amazing in-ring action from the pre-show to the main event.  The product is not perfect, and the roster (especially at this point) feels relatively thin, but I still don't think there is anot

WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Review: "Keep Doing That Thing...Whatever it is. It's Working"

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think as a young, teenage wrestling fanatic that the WWE would be better off without Vince McMahon. But in the year 2022, this very much rings true. Ever since the Chairman of the Board swayed his arms in that classic McMahon strut right out of the WWE, leaving Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Nick Kahn with the brass ring (how about that ode to Vince?), the product of the WWE has actually pulled me back in.  Heck, I watched RAW live, for an hour. Not the whole three hours, because, really, I still have no idea how some fans do that. Even if the show is good.  Nonetheless, much like all things that get a fresh coat of paint in pro wrestling, it becomes a hot commodity. Sustaining it is the challenge (see AEW for proof). We'll see how long this lasts, but for now, the WWE is once again entertaining, and that doesn't bode well for the rest of the wrestling industry.  I tuned into Extreme Rules, WWE's long-time nod to ECW with a night fu

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 10/9/22

3 Up 1. Marijuana Convicts Pardoned - Sure, President Biden's political history had a lot to do with the fact that plenty of black and brown men was in jail for a substance so many are profiting off of as a legal opportunity. Nonetheless, it's still the right thing to do. Too many lives and families were broken for something many now legally enjoy. Again, just the right thing to do.  2. Emily Sisson - I'm always in awe of marathon runners. Even more, those who smash records. Congratulations to Emily Sisson on setting a record for American women at the Chicago Marathon. 26.2 Miles in 2:04:24. Unbelievable.  3. Nobel Chemistry Prize Winners - Speaking of things that are impressive, bringing home a a Nobel Prize in Chemistry seems to be on that list.  3 Down 1. Systemic Abuse in Women's Soccer - It's pretty unbelievable that women STILL deal with these issues in sports, but we're just not there yet. The year-long report about U.S. Soccer executives and NWSL owner

62 is Amazing...So was the Mental Competitiveness

It's very easy to fall into the low-hanging fruit that surrounds what Aaron Judge pulled off in hitting 62 - SIXTY-TWO!! - home runs. What's the real home run record? What is your opinion? Who's the real home run king? You know, all of the hot-takes and forced debates that always seem flood to the surface and strangle the moments, accomplishments, and specialness in sports.  The conversation is valid, and it is definitely the fault of no one else besides Major League Baseball that we are currently in this position of deciphering records from *records. We've done the steroids discussion in every shape, form, arena, and angle thus far - nothing is going to change. We all have had time to plant our flag and get comfortable with steroids, the steroid era, and its place in the game of baseball's history.  Even the "American League Record" moniker, while fact, still had the feeling of reaching for legitimacy to combat the steroid gorilla in the 62 in '22 roo

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 10/2/22

3 Up 1. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - Just when you lose faith in the purpose of the internet and social media challenges, this OG of social media trends pops up to remind us of when the internet was a source of good powers. All jokes aside, it is pretty awesome to see such a trend make a true difference, and not just for internet clout.  2. Aaron Judge - 61 home runs. Just unreal stuff from the big man. Keep it going.  3. John Cena  - Speaking of unreal, I honestly don't think Cena gets enough credit for his Make-a-Wish efforts. Kudos to Cena for the consistency, and for doing so with an extraordinarily busy schedule.  3 Down 1. Hurricane Ian - Florida is in absolute shambles. So many homes were lost. So many lives were ruined. Keep so many of these people in your thoughts, prayers, vibes, and everything else.  2. NFL and Tua - Everything - EVERYTHING - about the Tua situation is why I find football such a tough sport for me to consume regularly. Shame on the NFL for Tua even being