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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 1/28/24

3 Up 1. IVF for White Rhino - It's kind of a weird story for the top spot here, but I'm running with it because I thought it was super cool. In a world where the White Rhino is nearing extinction, researchers have found an opportunity for pregnancy via IVF to help save the species.  2. Tara VanDerveer - Vanderveer is now the all-time winningest coach in college basketball history. With the recent shifting culture of college sports, this is one of those records that may never be broken.  3. Pro Volleyball - A budding sport finally gets its due as the Pro Volleyball Federation kicked off its schedule with a record crowd of 11K+.  3 Down 1. Drone Strike in Jordan - The recent attacks in Jordan that has left three American soldiers dead is just another reminder of the sacrifice given by so many to protect what we have at home. Also, of the insane world that we live in.  2. Medical Care in Gaza - If things couldn't;t be (or get) worse in Gaza, it seems that many hospitals in th

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 1/21/24

3 Up 1. Japan Moon Landing - It's kind of crazy to think in a world with budding AI and all of the technology we are trying to wrap our minds around here on Earth, landing on the moon is still a rarity. Congratulations to Japan for becoming the fifth nation to do so. It'll be nice to get more info as I'm sure the race to the moon for more exploration is on.  2. Spelman College Donation - The largest-ever donation for an HBCU happened this week with Spelman College receiving a $100M gift. That's cool, and it should be interesting when higher education and institutional power within higher education are at their most fragile.  3. Taylor Swift Impact - It's 2024, and Taylor continues dominating in amazing ways. One of those is that Swift is responsible for 7% of all vinyl record sales in 2023. Considering her music and the intersection audience that typically adores her and collects vintage which seems on the surface very unlikely - Swift's power and influence know

Dear Son(s), Indescribably Filled

--- 5 Years, 7 Months --- --- 25 Days ---- Dear Son(s),  It's weird to continue these letters as this is the first with plurality. Dear Sons! Ahhhhhh! As this is the first post in which there are now, well...two of you.  It's still very odd and strange for me to wrap my mind around the idea that I not only have two children, but two boys who have me as their Dad. I've settled into being that for Ace, and now, there is you, Milo. I look at both of you and instantly there are flashbacks, comparisons, and Deja Vu in so many scenarios.  There is also wonder, excitement, and yes, challenges you both bring - that I welcome.  Early on, you both are alike and also, so different - in your appearance, your wants, needs, and desires at the stages of life that you both occupy. One thing is for sure, you both are exhausting. But, the energy is well worth it.  In the very short time in which we've been able to share the same space and time, with intention and ease - as Ace would like

Quick Ponder: They

Caring what they think.  Thinking that they care. 

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 1/14/23

3 Up 1. Ralph Yarl - What a tremendous story for Ralph Yarl. A nightmare for any parent (especially for parents of children of color), Yarl bounces back from a horrific shooting to earn a spot on an all-state band. So glad to learn of this story!  2. 20 Million Gets Healthcare - Look, healthcare in this country is weird (yeah, it sucks). I know "Obamacare" really bothers some people due to the political ties, but the Affordable Care Act has recently seen a surge of 20 million individuals acquiring the coverage. Again, for me, politics aside - that's a big deal.  3. TNA Wrestling - A personal appointment here at #3 is TNA Wrestling returning to this name and offering what was an amazing show in Hard to Kill. Pro Wrestling is in such a boom period, and it's been great.   3 Down 1. Gaza Death Toll - The death toll is now 22,800. Take in that number. Absurd. Sad. So unfortunate. Incomprehensible, to be quite frank.  2. School Absenteeism - A rise in absenteeism continue

Dome Pondering Movie Review: May December (2023)

What is it about? Years after a controversial romance gripped the nation, a married couple with a noticeable age difference buckles when an actress arrives to do research for a film about their past.  Who is in it? Natalie Portman - Elizabeth Julianne Moore - Graice Charles Melton - Joe Yoo Favorite Scene: [spoiler alert] Coming to grips with his feelings and past, Joe goes out on the roof with his son and has a moment that allows us to peak into some of the doubts he's always dealt with, and of course, the love and complexity of what it gave him.  Favorite Quote: "Insecure people are very dangerous, aren't they? I'm secure. Make sure you put that in there."  Review: May December is a weird watch. Good. At times if you are on it long enough, clever and artistic. However, for me, I continue to come back to well, it's a weird watch.  The film is based on a true story and does a really interesting job of untangling and unpacking a very unique and troubling real-

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 1/7/24

3  Up 1. Thirteen-Year-Old Defeats Tetris - Have you played Tetris?! If you have, you know how absolutely crazy this feat is. My guy BROKE THE GAME! He literally played Tetris getting line after line until the computer game froze. And he's thirteen. In the history of Tetris! Maybe I'm wayyyyyyy more excited about it than others, but this is awesome.  2. Taylor Swift - Swift carries over her 2023 dominance into 2024 with a new record - 68 weeks on the Billboard 200 with a number-one hit single. The feat smashes Elvis' record. Swift rolls on.  3. Rock Returns - Well, we are on the road to Wrestlemania, and potentially one of the biggest matches in the history of well...everything. The Rock returns and all roads lead to Rock vs. Roman Reigns to continue what has been a period of record-breaking business for the WWE.  3 Down 1. Iowa Mass Shooting - Another new year, so of course, our country has a mass shooting. Another in a school - which doesn't even phase our consciousn

Dome Pondering Movie Review: Sid is Dead (2023)

What is it about? After slipping up and violating all of his rules to "survive" high school, Sid, an invisible senior in High School takes two weeks to live out everything he wanted to do before a bully gets revenge.  Who is in it? Joey Bragg - Sid Sandagger Tyler Alvarez - Jim Vega Belissa Escobedo - Luna Peralta Favorite Scene: [spoiler alert] During the student government debate, both Sid and Heather accidentally take drugs and do the debate under the influence.  Favorite Quote: "Before I Die...I am going to live" Review: Sid is Dead was an impulsive selection on Amazon Prime. Another "background movie" while working out. Ultimately, Sid is Dead is the perfect film for this situation. It is exactly what you think it will be from the trailer...and weirdly, nothing is wrong with that.  The film is super cliche and predictable. In many ways, it's highly formulaic as we've seen these high school coming-of-age, social climb and fall with lesson-learn