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One Year Longer. One Year Stronger.

One Year Longer. One Year Stronger.

I look back.
I remember the times.
Football in the street. Manhunt at night.
Swinging for the fences. Guarding my man tight.
It seemed like yesterday.
One year, by one year…it becomes so far away.

Summers of endless care. Back to school in the fall.
Springing onto everywhere. Even the winter was a ball.
Yet, our vision was so dull. So shallow. And so naïve.
Grades, sports, and friends were the focus of it all.
Crushes were a reach. It kept us real. It made us believe.
It seemed like yesterday.
One Year, by one year…it becomes so far away.

High School. Dances. Cliques. Coming of age. (We Think?)
Pressure. Stress. “Hey, we figured it out!” All of it a bridging link.
Now it’s College, parties, studying, and all-nighters in the dorm.
Intellect, questioning, revolutions, as curiosity becomes the norm.
Learning life’s wrongs. Improving the cons. Lifelong bonds.
It seemed like yesterday.
One year, by one year…it becomes so far away.

The past seems like a great ride, one which no longer moves.
Taking its place in a time capsule, available for the one it behooves.
Anywhere in its travel, its essence brings experience, accompanied by doubt.
One year longer. One year stronger.
One year closer, to figuring it all out.

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