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NXT Stand and Deliver 2024 Review: 'For super casual NXT fans like me - no complaints here'

It's become officially a tradition that NXT Stand and Deliver makes Wrestlemania weekend feel like the ultimate wrestling weekend - as if it isn't already. There is just something about a major show being held midday on a Saturday, among the hype for the already dual night of Wrestlemania - that just emanates and screams - wrestling fans, don't go anywhere all weekend.
Nonetheless, NXT Stand and Deliver 2024 for this super causal NXT viewer was entertaining. I was well aware (and followed) the story of Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes (more on that in a bit) more so than the other happenings, but that didn't matter. The show offered many reasons to check out Shawn Michaels' project on Tuesday nights. 

With that said, here are some quick thoughts on NXT Stand and Deliver 2024: 

- Baron Corbin is amazing on the NXT brand. For many reasons, he just never clicked for me on the major brands - and that very likely might not even be his fault. I didn't think Axiom and Nathan Frazer had a chance once the bell rang and the visual/common knowledge settled it, but that's pro wrestling. If you can acquire and reach that ultimate suspension of disbelief in a fan, and they did, you've done well. 

Bron Breakker hitting the ropes at aggressively high speeds (did he move the ring, or was that me?) is the simplest attraction ever in pro wrestling that I can remember.

- I knew very little of Oba Femi and Josh Briggs, and slightly more about Dijak (from his early ROH days) going into this North American Title contest. This one easily was the match of the night for me as it was hard-hitting, well-paced, and told an extremely intelligent story. 

Femi has star potential, especially within the world of the WWE. Briggs is that vanilla dude who can go and clearly needs to do more to connect with the fans. 

I loved the finish in this one. 

- Roxanne Perez vs. Lara Valkyria was a great back-and-forth segment. I last remember Perez being presented as the clean babyface young wrestler whom Booker T has mentored. It's great to see her in this new role still embracing that "prodigy-like" aura in a heel way. 

The back and forth surrounding Valkyria's arm was a cool story, ultimately leading to the tap-out finish. I enjoy the submission finishes as I feel they've become a lost art in favor of the pin false finish. Or even, the hokey submission struggle. 

- I was eh on the backstory for Tony D'Angelo and Ilja Dragunov. However, the match was hard-hitting and really spotlighted Dragunov as the fighting champion (that he is). 

I absolutely love the "H-Bomb" as a move by Dragonuv. It's unique, effective, looks great and most of all, can be performed on anyone. It should be interesting what is next for Dragunov and the NXT Championship.

As for D'Angelo - the guy can go! The usual "mobster-Italian-American" gimmick can often run tired or get played out fast, but from the video package, it's done carefully and with purpose rather than hyperbole and stigma. It's a tough character but can be a good one if he can turn the corner completely with it. 

- Even from a casual distance, it's hard not to understand the story of Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes. Everything about the story has been done well. I truly expected a bit more out of the match, but overall, this very much felt like the final final chapter for the two. My guess is Trick Williams gets the call on Monday to the main shows? We'll see...

Trick Williams is going to be huge. It's hard to keep my five-year-old old son from repeatedly yelling "whoop that trick!" which can cause problems if being said outside of the pro wrestling bubble. I completely expect a phone call from his teacher...

As for Hayes, he's the one that concerns me. He is beginning to feel like that classic AAAA baseball player who is too good for Triple-A, but yet, can't seem to find his ground in the big leagues. 

Hayes is super talented, but I do wonder if the gimmick gets over on the main audience. I'm pulling for him - so we'll see. 


Overall, Stand and Deliver 2024 was exactly what it should have been - closed some chapters within the NXT world, and ultimately, provided and set the tone for the rest of Wrestlemania weekend. 

For super casual NXT fans like me - no complaints here. 

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