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Jeremiah Wright is Wrong. But Proves to be Right.

"Louis Farrakhan is one of the most influential people of the last 20 years."

That comment alone is evident of the absurd tirade that Jeremiah Wright has indulged in for the past few weeks. His latest outburst which consist of praise for Louis Farrakhan, claiming United States conspiracy regarding AIDS and blacks, "God damning America", and being a consistent nuisance to Sen. Obama's campaign reek of a man seeking attention.

It's unbelievably sad when a man who through his distorted and twisted views along with his various degrees and accomplishments has the urge to voice such vulgar, detrimental, and outrageous comments that affect everyone. Comments which vehemently contradict those of Americans and the constant pursuit of Dr. King's Dream.

Nonetheless, however sad it may be, Jeremiah believes he is right.

His complaints which spewed criticism of Sen. Obama and the U.S. government "whose policies grind under the people" were described by Wright as being an attack on the "black church" and its religious traditions. He has made it clear of his intentions regarding Sen. Obama's campaign stating, "I said to Barack Obama last year, 'If you get elected...I'm coming after you, because you'll be representing a government whose policies grind under people."

Such comments scream of a man craving attention for himself via outlandish comments. An obvious abuser of the drug known as fame. His mouth is placing not only a credible man's campaign in jeopardy, but promoting a new form of anti-Americanism from within our borders, presenting a distorted image of God, and creating a platform for the ignorant in race relations to roam.

A verbal form of terrorism, if such a form exists.

Through it all, Jeremiah Wright is right. He is right in being another example that collegiate degrees and scholarly awards do not ensure much, and that ignorance (and especially stupidity) come in all forms.

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