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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 3/12/23

3 Up

1. AI Software for Breast Cancer - I'm still on the fence when it comes to AI, especially when it formalizes writing and thoughts, and everything else for you. Looking at you ChatGPT! However, this - THIS - is kind of awesome where we can detect breast cancer long before it becomes a burden. 

2. Everything Everywhere All at Once - I'll probably end up watching this film in four years. You all know my timeliness when it comes to films. However, walking away with seven Oscars, including Best Picture, is definitely quite the night for the film. And even more so, a HUGE notice for people like me to see this. 

2a. Michelle Yeoh - Ahh yes, when they say "diversity" is a thing of the past, we still get stories like Yeoh, the first Asian Woman to win best actress. 

2b. Ruth E. Carter - Call me crazy, but I enjoy watching the Oscars for moments like this - the people behind the screen whose contributions don't get the love it deserves. Carter is not only that with her amazing costume designs for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, but she became the first black woman to win two Oscars. 

3. World Baseball Classic - Since its inception, I've loved these two weeks of the World Baseball Classic. This 2023 edition is JUST as good, if not better, as the world improves in the game. And yes, each year it shows the rest of the world has more fun with the game than we do. I said what I said. 

3 Down

1. Silicon Valley Bank Collapse - I'm not even going to pretend to understand finance. But from experience - yeah, you 2010 - I understand the concern. I also understand privilege and exceptionalism. We not only deregulated policies to prevent this from happening in the previous administration, but this administration is also propping it up. I understand the need to prevent collapse, but it continues to sound like the wealthy always getting bailed out. 

2. Homelessness Rise - From rising rents, Air BnB stock, and the wealthy owning more and more homes following the Pandemic, we're seeing a rise in homelessness around the country. Not good. 

3. Mike Pence - I understand he's posturing and selecting his time to make these comments. But you can't hide weak. Your choice to be President Trump's running mate backfired, and it almost cost you your life. You never spoke out for political reasons. And now, as you prepare for a run, you do. It all just comes across as so weak. Good luck with your run for office. 

3 Interesting 

1. Saudi Oil Giant - $161B profit for 2022. Wrap your mind around that. I'm still trying to. When they Saudi Oil money, we still have no idea...

2. California Weather - California continues to get pounded by snow, with this week looking like another round of storms. What is going on? 

3. Debate on Daylight Savings Time - People actually debate this - as if hasn't been happening forever. Also, is it me, or is this the first year there is "concern" about sleep affects on individuals? Or is this just some social media stuff? 

I'm all for the extra daylight, bring it on. 

Cover Photo

A woman participates in a march in support of women's rights in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on March 8, 2023. 

Luis Robayo / AFP / Getty

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3 Up 1. Super Bowl - That was an entertaining game! I'm definitely your football casual, so appropriately adjust your take in reading this. I rarely dive into the Super Bowl other than for social interest and custom, but I genuinely was glued to my seat watching this event - game and halftime performance. Well done, NFL.  Also, a record of 123M people watching it - that's pretty good, too.  1a. Patrick Mahomes/Chiefs - Congratulations to the Chiefs on a rarity in the NFL - back-to-back titles! Even more so, is the props towards Mahomes. Again, a super causal here, but that dude pulls me in. He's amazing.  1b. Usher Performance - I was all about it. Amazingly, I'm now the age of the target demographic of the NFL for these halftime shows. Regardless, Usher killed it!  2. Annie Ray - We often don't see these Grammys handed out, but kudos to Annie Ray for receiving a Grammy for her amazing work in music education. Definitely give this a quick read.  3. Record Stocks -