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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 3/19/23

3 Up

1. Migrant Help - So much is facing our nation right now. The Migrant crisis is one of them. For me - and again, just me - as I know how easy narratives are to roll right into personal politics these days, you rarely hear about solutions. It wasn't a huge story this week, but it definitely impacted me. We need more of this. 

2. College Athletics - From March Madness and so many upsets along with the new landscape of college athletics taking shape, to the NCAA Wrestling Championships - this week was fun. Shout out to Caitlyn Clark who continues to be awesome. Farleigh Dickinson making history. And Matt Ramos gave us the biggest shock of the year - pinning 3-time National Champion, Spencer Lee. 

3. World Baseball Classic - People seriously think "no one cares about this tournament". Like, really? The WBC alone is awesome. At the very core of it, I'd take this over Spring Training any year. 

3 Down

1. Big Tech Layoffs - Big Tech continues to downsize, with this week seeing Meta announcing layoffs in the thousands. This hits home as I've already begun to hear (and feel) the anxiety from some of my graduating students who put all of their hope (money and degree as well) into this area with a limited market to enter it. 

2. Florida Period Ban - There is legitimately a proposed bill in Florida that would ban elementary students from learning about menstruation and high school students from discussing it. 

Wow. I thought it was a joke or misinformation until I read the bill. You ever hear women share their stories about this topic? There isn't enough discussion or education about it. Even more lack of knowledge passed down from parents. Now, we're just banning it. Okay? 

3. Tik Tok Usage - I really haven't fallen on either side of the Tik Tok debate in censoring it. What I do know is that we've become a society consumed with pointlessness. Have you seen individuals in public recording for Tik Tok? Wow. 

3 Interest

1. Donald Trump Indictment - we go. Truthfully, I'll don't believe any of this until I see it. 

2. COVID Start - So COVID was started through the selling of Raccoon Dogs? What in the world are Racoon Dogs?! 

3. Boneless Wings Lawsuit - I take back my Tik Tok take above. This story is the definition of pointlessness. 

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