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Thoughts on First 2024 Presidential Debate

It’s the most unwanted rematch likely in history. Biden vs. Trump

What we saw tonight was exactly what many moderates expected and solidified what we didn’t want to say out loud - we have to have better options than these two, no?

There isn’t much to say about this debate, especially from this debate nerd. This was the absolute shits in regards to inspiring a nation for an upcoming election season, which in many ways, still resonates with political fatigue from 2020.

But you know that, already. You knew that ten minutes into the debate.

The two best quotes I’ve come across to wrap up my overall feeling are the following:

On one side it’s hell no, and on the other, it’s oh no.

It’s who we shouldn’t have be President vs. who we can’t let be President

A few more quick thoughts on last night 1st Presidential Debate: 

- For me, this format was the biggest positive of the night and a very good baseline for where future political debates need to go. In a world of “takes” and who shouts the loudest becoming the norm, there must be a focus on substance. The strict time allotted, the format for rebuttals, no audience present, and the most important thing, the turning on and off of microphones - besides the actual content from the participants, this was the easiest debate to follow in the political space in years.

- While we're on format, many feel that Jake Tapper and Dana Bash never stopped to fact-check either candidate, especially Trump. In today's world of television presentation, and let's be honest, this is definitely a television vehicle, it would be great to just have a bubble in the corner updating viewers with a fact-checking update. It doesn't have to be aggressive, maybe just on policy, but there definitely needs to be accountability (imagine that?!) going forward.

- Let’s get to the obvious, Biden sounded awful. Even worse is that he looked much worse. If you read a transcript of this debate, it may appear that Biden “won” and delivered. However, yes, Presidential debates include a lot of components and Biden likely failed all of them, ironically, except for the content delivered. The soft-speaking, rambling, and the moment he lost his train of thought were utterly cringe. And yes, Trump pounced on it with great lines, especially the, “I’m not even sure he knows what he said.” Gold. I’m just blogging, but that line was the death blow and you just know that got the MAGA congregation going.

- Does anyone else find it weird that two white guys in their early eighties with millions of dollars in the bank are vying for likely the most demanding job in the world at this stage of their lives? Are they that consumed with power?! Doesn't that also say a lot about what is going on here?

- On that note, Dems suddenly panicking is indicative of the party. If Biden announced that he would be stepping aside and allowing another candidate to take over would've provided far more equity with voters than this…even if you do pivot at this point.

- Trump continues to lie. And lie. And lie. Call me crazy, but again, I was hopeful at some point in the debate that Trump would give the nation some future outlook. Instead, he played the same Trump hits with lies, throwing slanderous haymakers, indulging in conjecture and extreme statements, looking backward (for some reason), and offering nothing of serious substance.

- One of the most disappointing moments for me was the question offered on the rising cost of childcare, and both had responses that never addressed the question. Instead, they engaged in the slowest (and oddest) back-and-forth on who is considered the “worst President in history”.

- Biden’s best moment of the night was raising the point that 40 individuals from Trump’s candidate do not endorse him, and even his Vice President doesn’t endorse him, which was a great right hook. Unfortunately, because of his delivery and stature, it lacked any power behind it.

- Does anyone else keep tilting their head and raising their eyebrows in a sudden reminder that yes, Trump is a convicted felon?

- I have a hard time seeing young individuals, especially someone under 30, being inspired by anything they saw and heard on that stage.

- As much of a hot topic as this debate will be, I have also have a very hard time believing that most people haven’t already decided, in some fashion, where they stand in terms of this election. Either you’re voting for Trump, voting for Biden, or you're somewhere in between unsure of what to do - afraid of Trump, and not trusting Biden. Is there anything that will sway a voter at this point?

- And with that said, does anyone need to see another debate? And if you do, I really would like to know, why. You know, other than for this mess for entertainment purposes…

- The rest of the world must think we're crazy. 

- Finally, this is obvious, but I’m reiterating it and closing on it - I have no inspiration from either of these candidates and no faith in either one for the next four years.

God Bless, America. 

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