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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 5/21/23

3 Up

1. Jim Brown's Legacy - It almost felt like it went without notice (maybe, just for me?), but the great Jim Brown left us this week. A fantastic athlete, with a more prominent voice and presence, Brown reshaped and redefined the standard for using your platform, and of course, expanding your influence. 

2. Indoor Farms - As our natural resources became scarce, in some ways, alarmingly damaged (that's another discussion for another day), we've seen some amazing alternatives come about. The presence of indoor farms has been such, especially this precise farm in Compton that has produced 4.5 million pounds of leaves. Most importantly, is a resource within the community that was not available before. 

3. $11B Rural Clean Energy Project - I'm sure they'll be some political retort to this, because well, there always is. But bringing clean energy to many rural areas of the United States is very much part of the issue in advancing our clean energy. On the surface, it sounds tremendous, soo...

3 Down

1. Florida Bans DEI in Colleges - What. Are. We. Doing? Not only is this harming educational freedoms and the overall integrity of higher learning, but the culture wars have become a running joke. Imagine not wanting to pursue diversity within your educational system? 

2. Decline of Faith/Churches in America - This doesn't surprise me. You can feel it. I also don't blame many for leaving the church or dropping their faith. The climate and response from The Church - whatever faith - hasn't really felt impactful. However, as someone of faith, ironically, it's what our country needs for so many who are searching right now. 

3. Mike Pence Presidential Run? - There is a Super PAC being formed to back Mike Pence for President. Could we not use that money to further some needed cause in our country? Like, seriously. Does anyone believe Pence has a shot? And if they did, do they really want him as President? 

3 Interesting

1. Debt Limit - I'm still trying to completely understand all of the talk surrounding our Debt Limit. I just know that it feels like something that can be resolved, but politics are involved. Of course. 

2. G7 Summit - I've been to work conferences. I seriously want to know the vibe of these summits that include the most powerful people in the world. 

3. Social Media in Teens - Teens are now acknowledging that social media is the cause of so many of their mental health concerns. Yet, they can't stop. Because, well, have you seen our world? We have a serious crisis on our hands... 

Cover Photo

Photo of Jim Brow in 1984

Lennox McLendon | Credit: AP

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It's easy to get caught up and become a prisoner of the moment. Especially in today's world where the latest moment is ostracized, super-analyzed, and hyperbolized - it's very much the clickbait, social media, microwave society we live in.  Yet, even after acknowledging that (as well as my Tribal Chief, of course), I still come to this feeling that Wrestlemania XL is one of the best Wrestlemania's, ever.  Yes, ever!  I don't need Triple H's metrics and benchmarks to influence me. No, no, no! In terms of hype, storylines, payoffs, match quality, and just overall fun - this entire weekend was amazing.  I'm slightly skewed in my preference as well. This was my son's first Wrestlemania as a pro wrestling fan. Having him at my side cheering on his favorites, getting caught up in the drama, and even crying at the end of the night because his Tribal Chief lost to "that no good Cody" added to the overall appreciation of the event.  So yeah, I have some