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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 5/14/23

3 Up

1. Pulitzer Prize Winners - In a time when books and literature are being banned or discouraged, it's great to celebrate those that produce this straightforward content that spurs the mind like no other - congratulations to all of the authors, writers, and dope content producers who earned Pulitzer Awards this week. 

2. COVID Over - Wow. In 2020 and 2021, I didn't think the end of COVID - at least the urgency - would feel like this. So well...anticlimactic. But here we are. The emergency is over. That's a good thing, right? So why doesn't it feel as I thought it would? 

3. Miami Heat - Look, as a Knicks fan, I have no love for the Miami Heat. However, even knocking out my boys, I have to give credit where credit is due - the Heat is remarkable. A roster of seven undrafted players making to the Eastern Conference Finals is every bit of what "Heat Culture" is described as being. 

We often throw around "superstar" too often in Basketball. Jimmy Butler is a superstar. 

3 Down

1. Florida Bill Banning DEI - Seriously, what are we doing in Florida? I'm not sure how these bills are anything but a constant culture war fabrication and ploy to speak to a specific base. Also, how is this not a violation of the first amendment? A lot of this is unfortunate. Banning or censoring education and academic freedom is not something I'm in favor of. But this has very little to do with that...

2. Ja Morant - Morant presents such an interesting discussion on sports. The wealth and immaturity dynamic that comes with the platform that is presented. Morant didn't do anything legally wrong. The NBA needs him to be ready, and unfortunately, he's not. Unfortunately, this kid needs help. 

3. CNN Town Hall - I'm not sure what to make of the town hall. For me, it was weird. It felt like a ratings grab by CNN. It felt like desperation by former President Trump. I'm all for every politician to have their avenue. It was just weird to hear Trump playing the hits...the same comments once again. 

What once was triggering, sometimes, funny, and at times head-scratching, just felt, well...old. 

As for Kaitlyn Collins, I thought she tried to keep him honest, it just didn't come across with enough oomph for me.

I'm really not ready for Presidential Election season... 

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