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Dear Cazenovia, Thank You

Dear Cazenovia, 

At one time in my life, 

I barely knew you existed. 

My mind raced with imagination, wonder, and curiosity at your interest...

with jusssssst a bit of confusion. 

Where is that?!!

Your small-town vibes seemed foreign. 

This bright lights kid from Brooklyn never felt more alone

than in the spaces and quietness of your essence. 

Our first year felt as predicted,

opposites connecting.

Sometimes, grinding. Screeching. 

Unsure your generous offer would suffice a return. 

MY presence, in all of its strength and impact, 

caved in on me, fast, 

exposing the real world beyond my world's greatest city. 

Yet, you called me back, 

if you make it there, you can make it anywhere,


Your forgettable locations, gave me unforgettable moments,

where I struckout grown men by learning from a kid's TV show

found this debatable voice hidden within,


experienced stories I carry with me, forever. 

It's just babies and memories from here on out, just babies and memories.

I traveled the East Coast. 

I discovered the road of love. 

I merged onto unlikely roads of strange fellows and best men, 

all worth the ride.

None of this journey was expected on that cold wintry visit,

when Equestrian was thought to be Swimming, 

and possible positives to Lake Effect snow,

with Johnnies Red keeping me warm below it all. 

But I'm forever grateful we met. 

You gave this statistically bound, 


questionable transport from Brooklyn,

How did you find this place?!

an opportunity to develop and grow,

and to hurt, 

and to error,

and to understand,

and "be better",

and to strengthen,

and to explore,

and to discover,

and to do more...

under some of the greatest (and unlikeliest of) influencers,

in your classroom under the sun, 

on your one main road under the moon,

slowly turning potential into reality. 

Thank You, Cazenovia. 

I'm glad we met, 

and more so, 

that we existed,

if just for four years, 


I once never knew you existed.

And now that you don't,

I can't imagine my life without your realness. 

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