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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 6/25/23

3 Up 

1. Juneteenth - Still fairly a new Federal Holiday for the masses, but the weekend does provide (as intended) a reminder of our nation's history. Nothing wrong with that. I still don't get those who are bothered and bent out of shape by the recognition.

2. FDA Drug to Slow Down Alzheimer's Disease - This is big news. Actually, HUGE news. Sure, we all know the pill will be difficult to acquire - the American Healthcare system isn't perfect - but progress toward this mental disease is welcomed. 

3. Omega vs Ospreay II - Quick pro wrestling "up" this week - if you haven't seen Omega vs. Ospreay II from AEA Forbidden Door, please go see it. Those two stamped a love letter to the art and soul of pro wrestling.  

3 Down

1. Titanic Submarine - The entire story was random and interesting yet super catastrophic. Especially so, from a human standpoint. For me, I couldn't get past the thought of sitting so close to the other individuals - face-to-face- and knowing that you were about to die. 

1a. Update Titanic Memes - I think the Titanic story has grown beyond tragedy into comedy because of Hollywood. However, the memes and jokes about the deaths of this "related Titanic vessel" that will be historically connected to it felt too soon. 

2. U.S. Math and Reading Scores - Scary. Math and Reading scores among 13-year-olds have dropped to their lowest levels in decades. Sure, we can blame horrible texting culture and social media, and yes, the habit of having calculators on you at all times - but this feels like so much more. Have we focused on culture wars in our schools so much that we've forgotten the basics? 

3. U.S. Pedestrians Killed - We're at an all-time high for pedestrian deaths in the country. Reckless driving is ruling the country. This is an interesting read, especially when solutions are within reach. 

1 Unknown

Russian Coup - Wagner Fighters - This story was wild. It feels like our society doesn't get international news all that much (especially with recent news cuts). But it felt important enough, especially considering Russia, Ukraine, and EVERYTHING else happening. Unfortunately, the coup was called off, but it felt like Putin's stronghold - even if just for a moment - on the country was fragile.

Cover Photo

Omega hits Ospreay with a v-trigger mid-match. 


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Welcome to the NBA, Bronny James!  In what was the worst-kept novelty of a storyline in the sports world in LeBron and Bronny one day gracing the NBA together, we're finally here!  First, congrats to Bronny! Entering the NBA is incredibly difficult, especially more than ever considering its global reach. Regardless, he is now part of the fraternity and amongst the elite in the game. Haters will say what they want, but he's there.  And second, congratulations to LeBron and Savannah James. What will be lost in all of this is that they raised a strong young man who yes, took advantage of his access and genetics, and is now at this point in his life - his ultimate goal. Bronny at the core, had no reason to want this - none. He easily could have rested, relaxed, and enjoyed the spoils of this birth lottery. Instead, he wanted what h knew would be the shadow of a massive legacy - and still did the work. That takes guts.  I commend the kid for not resting on Dad's name and wealth.

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It’s the most unwanted rematch likely in history. Biden vs. Trump What we saw tonight was exactly what many moderates expected and solidified what we didn’t want to say out loud - we have to have better options than these two, no? There isn’t much to say about this debate, especially from this debate nerd. This was the absolute shits in regards to inspiring a nation for an upcoming election season, which in many ways, still resonates with political fatigue from 2020. But you know that, already. You knew that ten minutes into the debate. The two best quotes I’ve come across to wrap up my overall feeling are the following: On one side it’s hell no, and on the other, it’s oh no. It’s who we shouldn’t have be President vs. who we can’t let be President A few more quick thoughts on last night 1st Presidential Debate:  - For me, this format was the biggest positive of the night and a very good baseline for where future political debates need to go. In a world of “takes” and who shouts the lo