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Dome Pondering Movie Review: Death at a Funeral (2010)

What is it about?

Family and friends become unraveled at a funeral with exposed family secrets, grudges, and grievances that need to be addressed. 

Who is in it?

Chris Rock - Aaron

Martin Lawrence - Ryan

Zoey Saldana - Elaine 

Luke Wilson - Derek

Favorite Scene: 

[spoiler alert]

After taking too many drugs, Oscar interrupts and ruins the funeral procession stating that he believes he saw the casket move. Chaos breaks out and the funeral is stopped and ventures outside. 

Favorite Quote: 

Elaine: You're going to be a father.
Oscar: I'm pregnant?
Elaine: No. I'm pregnant.
Oscar: You're pregnant too?


I threw this movie on after scrolling through Amazon Prime for background filler while working out. The star-studded cast was shocking - this cast is legit loaded with stars! - and the plot seemed decent enough. Nothing we haven't seen before and something that could lend to a good film. Again, I wasn't looking for something overly deep, just entertaining enough to keep my interest in between sets. 

Death at a Funeral was exactly that. The film was actually better than I expected (considering Amazon's catalog) and I finished up the film without distraction because I genuinely wanted to see how it ended. 

The best part of the film is exactly what you would expect - chaos and comedy that surrounds the funeral and the coming together of all of these wacky characters who we learn how they intertwine. Danny Glover was especially funny in his scenes alongside Tracy Morgan. Luke Wilson also added a nice dynamic. 

I really wished we got more from Martin Lawrence as Ryan. I understand the character, but it's Martin, and we all are aware the range the man has in comedies. 

It's easy to call this one out as it should have been better considering the cast, but if you are simply looking for an entertaining film and not a ground-breaking film, Death at a Funeral ain't all that bad. 

Grade: 2.5/5

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