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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 6/11/23

3 Up

1. Four Kids Found Alive - Airplane crash aside, the mere story of these four children surviving for 40 days AFTER a plane crash and then being found is nothing short of a miracle. Give those kids so much credit for surviving in the rainforest off of flour and other natural instincts. 

2. Brooklyn Neighborhood Policed Itself - I'm not saying this is the way to go. However, the project that lasted several days is very much worth the read. The results are worth looking into, as many are already stating that it can reshape policing in various urban centers across the country. 

3. Messi to MLS - One of the biggest stars in sports in the world is on his way to MLS via Inter Miami. The club now has THE MOST followers of all sports teams on Instagram at 8M. Messi's star power is coming stateside. 

3 Down

1. Trump Indictment - I'm so sick of talking about Trump. I really am. But, this dude continues to force himself into the news. Now, he's in big trouble with the Federal Government on 37 counts - mainly leaking all of the security. How do some continue to defend this dude? 

2. Flooding in Haiti - Haiti just took a pounding this week with dangerous floods and then earthquakes to immediately follow. Thousands of homes are flooded and 40+ are dead. Keep Haiti in your thoughts. 

3. Canadian Wildfires - Ah yes, nothing like walking a Manhattan that glowed ORANGE and made your lungs burn. What is going on with Earth? Seriously. 

Cover Photo

A man talks on his phone as he looks through the haze at the George Washington Brudge in Fort Lee N.J.

Seth Wenig, AP

Recent Favorites

DP Review of the Alternate Knicks Orange Jersey

One of the good aspects about having a blog and being truthful and honest about it, is the hindsight thought process it provides. DP devotees already know how much I love my New York Knicks, and how excited I was about their new jerseys last year. It was a new look that was desperately needed ( DP Review On Knicks New Uniforms ).  In reviewing those jerseys last year, I had the following comments in regards to then-rumors regarding the addition of an alternative orange jersey for the Knicks and overall NBA changes to the Christmas Day special jerseys:  "As long as we do not add an "alternative jersey" (I read rumors of an orange one - woof!) (and the league-wide Spanish jerseys are fine). And please, please - PLEASE - let's finally do away with the awful green jerseys we feel the need to wear on Christmas and St. Patrick's day! Pretty please!"

Quick Ponder: Free and Guarded

Stay free. But keep the gate to  your peace, guarded.

WWE Wrestlemania XL Review: "I absolutely loved this Wrestlemania"

It's easy to get caught up and become a prisoner of the moment. Especially in today's world where the latest moment is ostracized, super-analyzed, and hyperbolized - it's very much the clickbait, social media, microwave society we live in.  Yet, even after acknowledging that (as well as my Tribal Chief, of course), I still come to this feeling that Wrestlemania XL is one of the best Wrestlemania's, ever.  Yes, ever!  I don't need Triple H's metrics and benchmarks to influence me. No, no, no! In terms of hype, storylines, payoffs, match quality, and just overall fun - this entire weekend was amazing.  I'm slightly skewed in my preference as well. This was my son's first Wrestlemania as a pro wrestling fan. Having him at my side cheering on his favorites, getting caught up in the drama, and even crying at the end of the night because his Tribal Chief lost to "that no good Cody" added to the overall appreciation of the event.  So yeah, I have some