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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 1/28/24

3 Up

1. IVF for White Rhino - It's kind of a weird story for the top spot here, but I'm running with it because I thought it was super cool. In a world where the White Rhino is nearing extinction, researchers have found an opportunity for pregnancy via IVF to help save the species. 

2. Tara VanDerveer - Vanderveer is now the all-time winningest coach in college basketball history. With the recent shifting culture of college sports, this is one of those records that may never be broken. 

3. Pro Volleyball - A budding sport finally gets its due as the Pro Volleyball Federation kicked off its schedule with a record crowd of 11K+. 

3 Down

1. Drone Strike in Jordan - The recent attacks in Jordan that has left three American soldiers dead is just another reminder of the sacrifice given by so many to protect what we have at home. Also, of the insane world that we live in. 

2. Medical Care in Gaza - If things couldn't;t be (or get) worse in Gaza, it seems that many hospitals in the area are now at capacity, or are short-staffed on care. Again, this entire ordeal continues to be a disaster. 

3. Layoffs in the Tech Industry - In a booming economy, go figure, it is the tech industry that is suffering the most with multiple tech giants laying off thousands of employees. 

3 Interesting

1. E. Jean Carroll Verdict -  80M+ was the verdict. I'm still unsure what to make of all of this legal trouble for Trump as truly, nothing outright affects him. Or at least, it doesn't seem like it. His poll numbers are up, and he continues on...

2. Vince McMahon Resigns from WWE - What a mess the WWE has on its hands with this recent lawsuit. The legend of Vince McMahon is sure to be a super complicated one (if it hasn't been already). Living in a world where Vince is no longer affiliated with the WWE is sort of surreal. 

3. Dexter Scott King - Condolences to the King family on the death of Dexter Scott King. Dr. King's kids are still relatively young - which is just a reminder of everything he embodies not being that long ago. 

Cover Photo

A helicopter from the armed forces loads water to fight forest fires in Bogota, Colombia, on January 23, 2024. On Tuesday, at least four active forest fires hit several regions of Colombia and the capital, Bogota, amid a wave of conflagrations due to recent high temperatures. #

Luis Acosta / AFP / Getty

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