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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 1/7/24

3 Up

1. Thirteen-Year-Old Defeats Tetris - Have you played Tetris?! If you have, you know how absolutely crazy this feat is. My guy BROKE THE GAME! He literally played Tetris getting line after line until the computer game froze. And he's thirteen. In the history of Tetris! Maybe I'm wayyyyyyy more excited about it than others, but this is awesome. 

2. Taylor Swift - Swift carries over her 2023 dominance into 2024 with a new record - 68 weeks on the Billboard 200 with a number-one hit single. The feat smashes Elvis' record. Swift rolls on. 

3. Rock Returns - Well, we are on the road to Wrestlemania, and potentially one of the biggest matches in the history of well...everything. The Rock returns and all roads lead to Rock vs. Roman Reigns to continue what has been a period of record-breaking business for the WWE. 

3 Down

1. Iowa Mass Shooting - Another new year, so of course, our country has a mass shooting. Another in a school - which doesn't even phase our consciousness anymore. My heart goes out to the sixth grader who perished and the family who must now bury this child. 

2. Epstein List - The Epstein list and documents being revealed are going to be interesting. I'm just not here for the casual jokes and use of the list. There are actual victims whose lives were destroyed - let's continue to be respectful and aware of that. 

3. Airline Travel - We've got planes exploding in Tokyo, and planes falling apart in the sky this week...what is going on? 

3 Interesting

1. Katt Williams - I definitely did not have Katt Williams roasting all of Hollywood Comedy on my early bingo list for 2024. I'm not sure how much of what he said I bought into, but surely, his interview with Shannon Sharpe was an interesting one. Katt definitely is an interesting dude. 

2. Trump on Ballot - We've got states literally now booting Trump off the ballot within the State. I'm not even sure what to say with Trump anymore. Yet, we're still in a space where he's a prime, what?! 

3. Stanley Cups - All the rage of water bottles. SMH. 

Cover Photo

Dan and Kathy Pratt embrace each other at a vigil after a shooting at Perry High School, in Perry, Iowa, on January 4, 2024. 

Sergio Flores / Reuters

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