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Dear Son(s), Indescribably Filled

--- 5 Years, 7 Months ---

--- 25 Days ----

Dear Son(s), 

It's weird to continue these letters as this is the first with plurality. Dear Sons! Ahhhhhh! As this is the first post in which there are now, well...two of you. 

It's still very odd and strange for me to wrap my mind around the idea that I not only have two children, but two boys who have me as their Dad. I've settled into being that for Ace, and now, there is you, Milo. I look at both of you and instantly there are flashbacks, comparisons, and Deja Vu in so many scenarios. 

There is also wonder, excitement, and yes, challenges you both bring - that I welcome. 

Early on, you both are alike and also, so different - in your appearance, your wants, needs, and desires at the stages of life that you both occupy.

One thing is for sure, you both are exhausting. But, the energy is well worth it. 

In the very short time in which we've been able to share the same space and time, with intention and ease - as Ace would likely convey - like the Avengers! - it's so hard to deny the LOVE that is present, and the mere overall complete essence that I feel with your mother and the both of you nearby. 

It's already my favorite place to be. 

To the both of you: I'm ready for the new memories. For the expected challenges. For the to-come journey. But most of all, I'm ready for more of those unintentional moments captured by nothing else but the love and essence present without notice, intention, need, or announcement. But merely, by the fulfillment of moment. Indescribably filled. 

Welcome home, Milo. 

Ace, keep rockin'.

Love, Dad.

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