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Dome Pondering Movie Review: Sid is Dead (2023)

What is it about?

After slipping up and violating all of his rules to "survive" high school, Sid, an invisible senior in High School takes two weeks to live out everything he wanted to do before a bully gets revenge. 

Who is in it?

Joey Bragg - Sid Sandagger

Tyler Alvarez - Jim Vega

Belissa Escobedo - Luna Peralta

Favorite Scene:

[spoiler alert]

During the student government debate, both Sid and Heather accidentally take drugs and do the debate under the influence. 

Favorite Quote:

"Before I Die...I am going to live"


Sid is Dead was an impulsive selection on Amazon Prime. Another "background movie" while working out. Ultimately, Sid is Dead is the perfect film for this situation. It is exactly what you think it will be from the trailer...and weirdly, nothing is wrong with that. 

The film is super cliche and predictable. In many ways, it's highly formulaic as we've seen these high school coming-of-age, social climb and fall with lesson-learned movies. Sid is Dead is just that. 

The wacky characters and lines throughout the film keep the film decent and engaging. Especially those between Jim and Luna. 

The bullying aspect is a little weird, but overall, this film is ehhh. Watch if you need some filler. Good enough to entertain. Not good enough to really seek it out. But again, it won't disappoint. 

Grade: 2.25/5

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