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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 1/14/23

3 Up

1. Ralph Yarl - What a tremendous story for Ralph Yarl. A nightmare for any parent (especially for parents of children of color), Yarl bounces back from a horrific shooting to earn a spot on an all-state band. So glad to learn of this story! 

2. 20 Million Gets Healthcare - Look, healthcare in this country is weird (yeah, it sucks). I know "Obamacare" really bothers some people due to the political ties, but the Affordable Care Act has recently seen a surge of 20 million individuals acquiring the coverage. Again, for me, politics aside - that's a big deal. 

3. TNA Wrestling - A personal appointment here at #3 is TNA Wrestling returning to this name and offering what was an amazing show in Hard to Kill. Pro Wrestling is in such a boom period, and it's been great.  

3 Down

1. Gaza Death Toll - The death toll is now 22,800. Take in that number. Absurd. Sad. So unfortunate. Incomprehensible, to be quite frank. 

2. School Absenteeism - A rise in absenteeism continues across schools nationwide. The problem goes well beyond education and is directly connected to other issues such as wages, standard of living, and so much more. Not good at all. 

3. Secret Tunnels in Brooklyn - What is going on? We've got secret tunnels? What if the buildings that were deemed dangerously unstable due to these tunnels collapsed? Again, what is going on?! 

Cover Photo 

Dancer Skye Madison Murphy poses for a photographer as snow falls in New York City on January 6, 2024. 

Andrew Kelly / Reuters

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