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TNA Under Siege 2024 Review: "Solid show. But, nothing overly extraordinary"

I tried to get around to reviewing TNA Rebellion 2024, but life just happened. 

And while I gathered my thoughts on what happened at one of TNA Wrestling's biggest shows of the year in Rebellion, this little show called Under Siege quickly followed it on the calendar. So for me, it's a pro wrestling weekend with Under Siege and WWE's Backlash

Under Siege, which has had some memorable renditions of its kind, felt like a really random show that was exactly what I said - a show that quickly followed up on Rebellion in a manner that didn't really allow build-up, or for this fan, any kind of steam heading into it. 

The TNA product isn't terrible. I can't remember the last time the overall product has been unwatchable. It's been extremely solid dating back to the pandemic. Yet, it is going through a period right now of some main guys and gals, with others cycling in and out, and others returning after leaving. 

It just feels like it is missing that main star, or even, that main angle that drives the product. 

Josh Alexander was it. However, without him carrying the main torch (and possibly on remaining time), there is plenty of heat without the big flame. 

Under Siege continued that. Solid show. But, nothing overly extraordinary. 

A few more quick notes and thoughts on TNA Under Siege 2024: 

- TNA getting out on the road has been nice. The new entrance set and ramp have also given the product a distinct feel. However, this may sound petty (and it was a problem at Rebellion in Las Vegas as well) - can we make sure the section immediately facing the hard camera is filled? The random empty seats throughout the night (albeit, it's like that around the arena) give an awful perception. 

Also, the Albany crowd felt rough. Very hit or miss. 

I thought the purple ropes for Rebellion was a great touch. Blue ropes tonight would've been cool. But, it's not a deal breaker or anything...

- It's good to see Maclin staying with TNA. 

The opening tag match was a good opening contest, with some of TNA's bigger names and acts. Other than the crossover in recent memory, I wasn't sure what to make of this one. 

Kazarian as a heel feels like the right move. I just need to see more. A newer look, feel, presentation is needed. I need more than Frankie Kazarian who says heel things. 

- Rosemary is a TNA stalworth, and so is Decay. I just wonder if the gimmick has flamed out at this point. Maybe it was me, but I was digging the duo as Jessicka and Courtney Rush. 

The Personal Concierge is a great act and is doing wonders for Ash By Elegance. TNA needs more characters established at this moment in time. 

Or...slight hot take. TNA needs more of their roster to be over (like really over) at this time. 

I'm all for the win by Ash and the heel action post-match. 

- Speaking of characters, is it possible that Joe Hendry is one of TNA's biggest babyfaces at the moment? 

- Spitfire vs. Masha Slamovich and Alisha Edwards was a nice little match. I like the idea of Alisha grabbing gold (for The System) with the interest Masha storyline. However, the whole Spitfire run feels like it just got snuffed out. 

- Card Subject to change - ahhh yes. While it's disappointing regarding Hammerstone's injury, this one just exemplifies the card and direction for this card tonight. 

Jake Something continues to feel like TNA's version of Wardlow. The push gets going before they do something that snuffs it all out. As for Rich "Homie" Swann (such a great name), I don't deny that he needed the win. He's a former TNA World Champion and should be elevated and treated as such. I just don't know what this pivot did for anything other than provide a marquee alternative because of Hammerstone's absence. 

AJ Francis is great. Pro Wrestling really is about the right place with the right fit for so many talent. 

- Gresham vs. Kushida was as random as anything, but definitely did what it was supposed to - give us the new gimmick for Gresham. Besides giving my five-year-old son nightmares, I'm loving the new direction for Gresham, as well as the new overall look. And it fully complements his wrestling style. This could be really great for all involved. 

- I find the Kon vs. PCO feud to be a really cool midcard angle that certainly has legs. I like the idea that it sort of never ends and that the two hate one another. Where Grace and (an even bigger stretch) Steph De Lander come in requires some further unpacking...or a stretch in storytelling. 

If there is ever a "coming-in-for-a-few-dates" feel it is Steph De Lander in TNA. I loathe the you-should-know-this-person-and-why-they-are-important pass we too often see in today's pro wrestling presentation. 

This one was still fun, but not as much fun as what went down at Rebellion. 

And all of that was just as random as well. 

- Speaking of presentation, Mustafa Ali is it. The whole entire gimmick is brilliant. I'm a fan of the run, the gimmick, and the freedom he's currently expressing and displaying. It's been a long time since we've gotten Ace Austin in the singles picture - all in all, this was a damn good match. 

Ali is doing wonders for the X-Division. 

- Before I get into the main event, I do want to address Matt Hardy. So many are quick to pull the plug on his return. I find the character to be connected to TNA and could add some much-needed levity, interest, and overall star power to the current roster and product. 

It's different. And it's certainly a wait-and-see approach for me. However, if he's going to be "Broken" Matt Hardy, I want the full version. I want the ridiculousness. I want King Maxel. I want the cinematic moments. I don't expect to recapture the magic from a decade ago with the initial inception of the gimmick, but I'm hoping for some nostalgia, a good effort, and most of all, a good story. 

Ultimately, I don't see Matt Hardy staying for very long. This should all uplift Moose at the end.

With that said, this tag match was great wrestling. Trent Seven (who I did not know much about other than his brief Mustache Mountain days) really impresses me. Again, it would be great to get some characters behind some of these guys. 

Hardy looked like a motivated individual. In good shape, and moving around quite well - and better than expected. The table spot was a nice impactful one that certainly set things up. The "Moose is Broken!" like by Hannifan should be interesting...

The System continues to be a cool group which the company is centering around. My only (and biggest) complaint is this - we NEVER got a backstory of why they came together and what their purpose is. 

Just saying...

It's hard to really completely trust them (get it?) without that piece. 


Nonetheless, it was an okay card with the last two matches really ending the card on a high note. I'm looking forward to Against All Odds and the eventual Slammiversary event. 


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