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The Unity Road Writings: I'll Be Back

48 days to go.

And with 48 days to go, yours truly embarked on his final trip to the site of 9.24 before well...9.24. It was an odd feeling heading into the city which will not only begin a new chapter in my life in about a month and a half, but also end one as well. The usual trips to Syracuse have almost been routine for the past four years with my tag team partner. Labor Day Weekend, Christmas, and the occasional spring trip. All trips intended for relaxation and enjoyment. However, this weekend breaks the pattern. It is August. It is random. And well, it was all about finalizing 9.24. 

The weekend had a few tasks which included a meeting with our caterer (who besides being a Red Sox fan, is amazing), completing our marriage counseling (which was a very eye opening activity), and touring the hotel which will house this expected crazy celebration. 

And while we did accomplish them all, the only feeling as drove I away from Syracuse with the Carrier Dome in my rear view mirror was one of well...go figure, pondering.
Pondering on the thought that my next trip will indeed be showtime. Wrestlemania, if you will...

Pondering on the thought that in 48 days I will have an A-Robo to my D-Robo. 

Pondering on the thought that I no longer have friends in the Syracuse area, but actual family. The type that is not just simple cliche, but real. 
I'll Be Back...

Pondering on the thought of how far one has come...

...and the journey the Good Lord has guided me on so far in this race of life.

Ten years ago, who knew, Syracuse, New York - site of my wedding? 

But in just 48 days, I'll be back looking at downtown Syracuse from Route 81, and this time peering at the Carrier Dome through my windshield on a drive full of anticipation to utter two words that will transcend 6 years, 72 months, and 2,191 days of teamwork into bond-ship.

I'll be back Syracuse. I hope you are ready.  

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