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I lay there. Hyperventilating. Hurting. Beaten. Almost tearing up.
I continue...I continue.
I daze up into the lights. Dreaming. Wishing. Hoping. On the edge of giving up.
But, I continue...I continue.
I befriend pain, which has made a home on my body.
A confidant of my mind.
A captive of my soul.
I embrace the crimson mask I wear.
Flowing from my head, through my eyes, into the crevice of my lips.
I daze into my shivering hands, with veins that run cold.
I stare through the metal links that has imprisoned me.
Kept me from my dreams,
from being free,
from feeling alive.

I look beyond the links, and see the faces of my foundation.
My rock.
Adrenaline becomes my fuel. I thrive. I vow to revive.
I claw. I step. I inch upwards.
Pain submitting to relief. Despair relinquishing to raw emotion.
One leg over. It's over. I think it's over. Is it over?
I fall.
From a force greater than man. Greater than mother nature.
I crash with a thunder.
Bone shaking. Mind scrambling. Soul deflating. A thud.
There is my new friend. Pain. Fatigue.
And the taste of my blood once again.
I remain trapped. Still imprisoned. Still inside this abyss.
Yet, I continue...I continue.
I will one day escape this cage.
I will escape the consequences of a ravaged spirit.
Oh, to be free! And to look upon what I will surivive.
I continue...

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