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2011 Bucket List - #51 Play A Steel Drum

#51 - Play A Steel Drum
The instrument of the steel pan (or steel drum) is one that I've always been fascinated with. Since the days of my youth attending Carnival in St. Vincent, the sounds of such a raw product always seemed to ease me. The sounds the instrument produces creates such a soothing sound that just makes all of life's problems go away. And when there is a full steel pan band playing, forget it - I'm hooked. 

As a child, I played the piano for five years, played the snare drum in a marching band for three, the xylophone for 2 months (way too heavy, and not very cool) and the trumpet for six months. Of them all, the piano was my favorite, and by far was the instrument I took seriously.
I know they say you aren't supposed to regret things in life, but if I could go back in time, I would've never given up playing the piano. 

However, despite my dabble with these instruments, the steel pan was always one that I've wanted to play. For some reason, the possibility of doing so never seemed likely in my eyes. After all, how often are there steel pan lessons or opportunities here in the States? 

Well, while on timeout in St. Lucia, I had my opportunity. 

Yup, even with that guy leaning into my flow...still killed it.
As part of the activities the resort had set up throughout the day as you lounge poolside, a quick steel pan lesson was on the agenda. With the brief introduction above, you can imagine how fast I jumped at the opportunity. 

During the lesson, the instructor broke down specific sections of the drum that make various sounds, and for the sake of novice learning, he numbered each dent in the drum that produces a different sound. He gave us patterns and rhythms to play which were difficult, including one which he claimed only a few ever repeat perfectly. 

Umm yeah, I nailed it and impressed the instructor. I was that guy.

I'm still holding my chin high on that one...

After several rounds of going through patterns, my yearning wish was complete. I played the steel pan, and I played it well. 

Couldn't have been happier. 

#51 - Play a Steel pan. Complete. Boom.

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