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Dome Pondering Movie Review: Bullet Train (2022)

What is it about? 

Several assassins board a train with various missions just to find out their missions have a collective purpose.

Who is in it? 

Brad Pitt - Ladybug

Joey King - Prince

Aaron Taylor-Johnson - Lemon

Brian Tyree Henry - Tangerine

Favorite Scene: 

[spoiler alert]

Wolf enters the train and immediately gets into a scuffle with Ladybug who he thinks is responsible for his wedding's misfortunes including the death of his wife. 

Favorite Quote: 

Lemon: You ever watch Thomas the Tank Engine?

Tangerine: Here we go.

Lemon: Hey, you watch something nowadays, what is it, huh? Nothing. It's twists, violence, drama, and no message. What's the point? Huh? What are we supposed to learn? Everything I learned about people I learned from Thomas.


Ladybug: Man, fate for me is just another word for bad luck. And that, that follows me around like... I don't know, something witty.


Bullet Train had a nice long stay on "My List" on Netflix for the sheer reason of...well, I'm not sure. After finally getting some time, the wife and I sat down to watch it and we weren't disappointed. Bullet Train is a really cool movie that has surprises, wackiness, humor, and the kind of visuals that is amazing. 

At times, Bullet Train feels too wacky (especially towards the end), and the plot itself eventually feels too convoluted, but overall, it was a good film. 

What makes Bullet Train a good watch is the characters, their interactions, and the unfolding of how they all come together. The humor is a big part of that, and the surprises (Bad Bunny!?!) is a nice addition as well. The gore is alright, but there are moments it feels like too much. 

Brad Pitt was especially good here. But I cannot deny the character of Lemon, played by Brian Tyree Henry, who in my opinion carries the film with humor and overwhelming interest. 

Take Bullet Train off your list - go watch it. 

Grade: 3.75/5

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