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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 1/22/23

3 Up

1. Martin Luther King Jr. Day - Too often it is a day for faux remembrance of spewing fancy quotes we pull from the man himself, but truly, it is a reminder of where we've been, and how far we need to go. And of course, how special of a human being Dr. King really was. 

2. Late Father's Bucket List - This story is awesome! Especially as someone who has lost their father, this is pretty special. 

3. Sailor Survived 24 Days - I HAD TO add this to the "Up" for this week. Getting rescued is positive, but surviving 24 days at sea on seasoning cubes is what movies get made from. I'm sure this will be that as well. 

3 Down

1. Florida Ban on AP African-American Studies - Disappointing. Aggravating. Yet, not surprising. So many have had to search for such kind of history on their own, including me. From black authors to the books and perspectives left out of the curriculum, we learn in the public school system. Yet, here we are now banning them, and not just ignoring them. SMH. 

2. Tech Layoffs - From Microsoft laying off 10,000 workers, to Google laying off 12,000, it's hard to not be wary of all of these concerns of a recession. And oh yeah, it's even more interesting the turns the labor force continues to take coming out of the pandemic. No one wants to work? How can anyone have trust in any company? Is big tech even a field worth pursuing anymore? 

3. Mass Shootings - In no other country does this happen. Yet, we claim there is no way to stop it. Unbelievable. 

3 Interesting

1. United States Debt Limit - I've never heard of a debt limit. But it is concerning ot hear that we are at that threshold. Especially considering inflation, big tech layoffs, and hearsay about recessions. Blahhhhh!!!

2. Documents at Bidens - All of these documents go home with the Presidents.It makes me feel like Jason Bourne, Jack Ryan, and all of these other series aren't too far off in how the government operates with intel. 

3. Dr. King Boston Statue - Ummm, I'm not a fan. I understand what the artist was going for, but yah, not a fan. 

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A Ukrainian soldier warms himself with a candle in a house at his position on the frontline in Donbas
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