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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 7/23/23

3 Up

1. Emmett Till Monument - This is pretty cool. The story of Emmett Till is still one of the most raw examples of this nation's history, and of course, one we have not come to grips with. Till should be honored, and more so, a monument that immortalizes the tragedy that defines so much of our ugly past. 

2. Lionel Messi Debut - Messi is just a megastar. The impact is already seen on the expansion InterMiami has been amazing. Even more amazing? Messi's storybook debut included a game-winning goal. Because, well, of course. A great sports moment this year. 

3. Barbie Weekend - Look, I don't quite understand the phenomenon of the film. However, Barbie has always been empowering for women. The film set a North American debut for a female director. So fitting. Congrats to Greta Gerwig. 

3 Down

1. Extreme Weather - The world continues to be HOT. Like, everywhere is just, HOT. Rising temperatures and odd weather patterns - are very concerning. Arizona is in the midst of 19 straight days of triple digits! Stay cool y'all. 

2. Florida's Black History Standards - Look, I try not to discuss Florida, its governor, and everything happening there in regard to policy, very often. But the idea we are now teaching that individuals benefitted from enslavement is just wild. Absolutely, wild. I really do feel for young people gaining an education in Florida. 

3. Carlee Russell - This is just an unfortunate situation. So many black girls are already disregarded in the system when it comes to missing people. Now, throw this into the mix to help give future black girls a chance. Throw the book at her. 

Cover Photo

A woman cools off at Fontana della Barcaccia at the Spanish Steps in Rome. Most of Italy's major cities were put on red alert, meaning the extreme heat carries a health risk to everybody, not just vulnerable groups.

Guglielmo Mangiapane/Reuters

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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 9/10/23

3 Up 1. Coco Gauf & Novak Djokovic - The US Open wrapped up this weekend and tennis crowned some deserving champions. Djokovic continues to add to a remarkable career with his 24th (!!) grand slam title win. And of course, Coco Gauff won over America with her win. It's impressive to see the effect that the Williams sisters have had on tennis - wow. Looking forward to seeing the star Gauff will become.  2. Olivia Rodrigo - Her first album was fire. Even this late-thirties male enjoyed it. The sophomore album is always the toughest and Rodrigo apparently (haven't listened to it myself, yet) dropped an absolute banger in "Guts". So much so, that it broke records for debut stream with over 60 million streams!  3. Deion Sanders - There's way to much dialogue around Sanders that isn't needed. Here is what it boils down to for me - Sanders took over a program that was 1-11. He brought in 80+ players. His team is currently 2-0, including victories over a ranked op