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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 7/9/23

3 Up

1. Yusef Salaam - I'm always in amazement at the grace and resilience of the men known as the Central Park Five. Taking that respect up another notch is Salaam who recently won the Democratic primary in Harlem to represent the New York City Council. The entire story of the Central Park Five will go down as one of the most remarkable and fascinating situations in American history. So much to unpack. 

2. Leqembi Drug - The US Food and Drug Administration gave FULL approval to the Alzheimer's drug, Leqembi, this week. The drug is the first medicine proven to slow the course of memory-robbing disease. That's great news, and for this guy, hits home. Here's to hoping it works wonders. 

3. Threads Socials Platform - 30 million downloads in a few hours. Twitter feels like it's on the back end of what will make for a crazy documentary. At the same time, how many different avenues do we need to connect? 

3 Down

1. Earth Climate - We saw THE hottest day on Earth in 125,000 years. Every summer, it feels like we're in this space of saying crazy statements like that. But here we are...

2. Man Defaces Colosseum - So someone defaced the Colosseum in Rome by etching his name into its surface, then honestly dared to claim he didn't know it was a historical site?! Where are we as human beings? Seriously. What some are willing to do for internet clout is sad. 

3. Cocaine at the White House - One of the craziest stories of the week. Enter your Hunter Biden joke here. Also, we're not naive to think this stuff isn't around the White House, no? And let's say it isn't - I'll play along - how does it get in? 

Cover Photo

Kids jump off a breakwater into the ocean ahead of the Fourth of July holiday in Gloucester, Massachusetts, on July 3, 2023.

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2024 NBA All-Star Weekend Thoughts

There's something wrong with the All-Star Game.  Yeah, we've definitely had this conversation before. Expect to pick up this very discussion (again) in July when Major League Baseball has their version in the "Mid-Summer Classic" when it is the ONLY current topic to bounce around in the stratosphere of sports discourse.  What's wrong with the All-Star Game?!  I'm not dismissing the obvious - yes, the NBA All-Star Game is very much at an alarming point of necessary refinement and change - evaluation is needed. What we saw on Sunday night was not disappointing, but outright embarrassing. Also yes, gone are the days when the game flooded your television screen at a respectable 6:30pm on NBC, and you were wowed by the athleticism and star power of the first half of the game, and treated to what felt like the world's best players playing pickup basketball on the grandest stage.  Now? Not so much. So yeah, we got the message. The outrage - and shock TV and hot t