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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 9/17/23

3 Up

1. Never Forget - We remembered 9/11 once again this week and it's quite surreal to think that there are casualties from that day happening. My heart goes out to the families of those affected. With that said, it's also really nice to see that 9/11 truly isn't a day we forgot. In a time where hyperbolic statements are made, there remains commitment and honor to the day - as it should be. 

2. New COVID Vaccines - As we head into the winter months, COVID infections are expected to rise. With the FDA's approval of new vaccines, it is still amazing to me that we 

3. Unicorn Giraffe - I just thought this story was cool. In all of the craziness in the world, we get wacky and random stories like this of spotless giraffes popping up. 

3 Down

1. Libya Floods - Everything about the Libya floods has been heartbreaking. The images are horrific. The fact that 11,300 people perished, is unfathomable. Prayers up for Libya. 

2. Lauren Boebert - I'm not going to touch on Boebert and her politics. However, the idea that a politician, an elected official, can cause a public disruption and threaten workers doing their jobs with their connections is gross. Even worse? The fact that said elected official was caught on tape was in the wrong. We need to move toward officials with high integrity once again. How do we do that? I'm not sure. 

3. Aaron Rodgers Tear Achilles - There are so many words, yet none capture the story of Rodgers going down with an injury for the New York Jets. It's just soo, well, New York Jets. 

Cover Photo

Aaron Rodgers goes down with a torn Achilles injury. 

Seth Wenig/AP

Recent Favorites

Exorcising Demons with a Breen "Double Bang!"

These sorts of moments feel like they don't happen to us.  Well, they happen VERY rarely - I'm talking Larry Johnson's 4-point play-rare. Yeah, it's been THAT long.  But watching this New York Knicks team score eight points in less than thirty-five seconds, including a sequence that will forever live in my fandom, sits right with that LJ garden-rocking shot.  I sat on my couch in absolute shock at what I just saw.  "How the hell did they just win that game?!"  It's the kind of moment this fanbase deserves. It's the moment that releases and exorcises some demons that haunt us from the trauma of experiences.  Namely you, Reggie Miller.  I loved it. And the icing on the cake was Mike Breen - Oh, Mike Breen, the loveable man with the most epic voice that has narrated so much of my basketball-loving fandom - with not one, but two signature "Bang!" calls.  I'll never let this one down. Ever.  I'm not sure where this team will wrap up the se

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 4/28/24

3 Up 1. DiVincenzo Shot - Yeah, I'm biased. And you know what, I don't care. This moment brought me so many jobs this week, and it still is. "Bang! Bang!"  2. Caitlin Clark Effect - Well, here we go. So many of the WNBA teams have begun moving their games against the Indiana Fever to larger arenas. The upcoming WNBA season is going to be so incredibly interesting. 3. Candace Parker - Rounding out a hoops-heavy "Up" this week is the retirement of Candace Parker. Yes, she drives the Knicks fanbase bonkers, but Parker is one of the greatest to ever lace them up. It's a shame she had to retire due to injury, but nonetheless, she should be proud. I personally will remember the 2021 WNBA Finals where she led her hometown Chicago Sky over the star-studded Phoenix Mercury.  3 Down 1. Campus Protests - I've witnessed them personally at NYU. And we are set to see these protests continue, and likely grow, on campuses over the next few weeks. We are likely to s

Quick Ponder: Personal Value

Understand your value.  Be careful of where you invest it.