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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 9/3/23

3 Up 

1. Labor Day Weekend - It's the weekend where we mark the unofficial end of summer. However, the weather this upcoming week says otherwise. Nonetheless, I hope you all had an opportunity to reflect, restore, and give some gratitude on this weekend. 

2. College Sports - College athletics are back in swing, providing some pretty awesome moments this week. 

2a. Nebraska Women's Volleyball - 92,003 for a Women's Volleyball Game is not just a record for a Women's Athletic event, but it's pretty freakin' cool. Kudos to Nebraska Athletics and everyone who attended in making that a special occasion. 

2b. Travis Hunter - I didn't get a chance to watch the Colorado vs. TCU game, however, I'm a fan of Deion Sanders, mainly from what he did for Jackson State. However, Hunter playing both ways is remarkable. Freak athlete. 

3. Jimmy Buffett - The world said goodbye to Buffet whose songs can take you to a beach or to summer vibes in an instant. 

3 Down 

1. UNC Shooting - This story was the biggest for me of the week, mainly because, yeahhhh, I work on a college campus. The world is so messed up. And quite frankly, many in my field will share with you that so many students are hurting, conflicted, and struggling in so many ways. My heart goes out to Professor Yan's family and friends. 

2. Hurricane Idalia - Extreme weather continues to be a theme. I'm highly concerned for the upcoming hurricane season. 

3. "World Champions" Debate - Noah Lyles raised an interesting tidbit about the use of "World Champion". The short monologue ticked off so many within the NBA community, and well, mostly Americans. I'm with Lyels - let's leave "World Champion" for international events. 

Cover Photo 

Travis Hunter of the Colorado Buffaloes signals first down after a catch against the TCU Horned Frogs

Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 2/11/24

3 Up 1. Super Bowl - That was an entertaining game! I'm definitely your football casual, so appropriately adjust your take in reading this. I rarely dive into the Super Bowl other than for social interest and custom, but I genuinely was glued to my seat watching this event - game and halftime performance. Well done, NFL.  Also, a record of 123M people watching it - that's pretty good, too.  1a. Patrick Mahomes/Chiefs - Congratulations to the Chiefs on a rarity in the NFL - back-to-back titles! Even more so, is the props towards Mahomes. Again, a super causal here, but that dude pulls me in. He's amazing.  1b. Usher Performance - I was all about it. Amazingly, I'm now the age of the target demographic of the NFL for these halftime shows. Regardless, Usher killed it!  2. Annie Ray - We often don't see these Grammys handed out, but kudos to Annie Ray for receiving a Grammy for her amazing work in music education. Definitely give this a quick read.  3. Record Stocks -