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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 9/24/23

3 Up

1. Five Americans in Iran Released - Obviously, these kinds of dealings involve tons of politics. However, it's always great when Americans held for such reasons return home. 

2. Tigst Assefa Record - I'm always - ALWAYS! - fascinated with marathon runners. The mental feat is astounds me. Assefa broke the Women's record by more than two minutes. So crazy. So much props. 

3. End of Screenwriters Strike - Sure, it'll be nice to get new television and overall content this upcoming season. However, I'm more so happy for the screenwriters who get what they deserve. 

3 Down

1. Migrant Crisis - Obviously, our country has an immigration issue. This isn't new, and what's more unsettling is both political parties use this as political influence, and both have had opportunities to fix the issue. From here in NYC, to the southern border, and more - the crisis has shed light on so many of the "morals" and "standards" we claim to have within the foundation of our morals. 

2. U.S. National Debt - This week's down is going to have a lot of government-related topics. We learned this week that the national debt rose to $33 trillion dollars. Just, great. 

2a. Government Shutdown? - Also, yes. It's good to see our government working so efficiently. Yeah, I've been jaded this week. 

3. High School Bus Crash - A horrific story. It's humbling and scary in so many ways. Thoughts and prayers to Long Island and the community (and students) forever affected by this. 

3 Interesting

1. Taylor Swift Influence - Taylor went on Instagram and told her fans to go and vote. Shortly after, registered 35,000 new followers. Two things: Who are these fans that do anything Swift says? And, Swift has the kind of power and influence I haven't seen in my lifetime. 

2. Block Bill to Fund Military - Ah yes. Gotta love Republicans who want a strong military, but silently all vote against funding the military. I'm so over politics this week...

3. Usher Super Bowl - Usher gets the nod for the Super Bowl. I'm excited for that. Of course, you just know the complaints are coming once he performs. Regardless, give me those Usher hits in February. 

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A model walks the runway during the Shona Joy "Le Long de la Côte" collection launch on September 21, 2023, in Sydney, Australia. 

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