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Sunday Sundown Rundown - 10/1/23

3 Up

1. Government Shutdown Averted - It almost happened, but luckily it didn't. I feel for so many government officials and employees who likely suffered anxiety because our government is incapable of functioning correctly. 

2. WNBA Playoffs - Thus far, the WNBA playoffs have been very enjoyable. Maybe it's just me, but the league is in a good spot with lots of talent. 

3. Tupac Murder Solved? This is so weird. Incredibly weird. I'm excited that the murder is solved (is it?), but at this point, I'm incredibly interested in what spurred this sudden decision. 

3 Down

1. Migrant Crossings - Sure, the southern border is part of the problem. However, migrant crossings are an issue all over the world. Here in NYC, it continues to place a strain on the city and the surrounding areas. Immigration is rapidly becoming a hot topic again. 

2. Flood Threats - We've seen an increase in flooding around the world in various areas and cities. From levels rising, to extreme weather, we've witnessed some horrific scenes. 

3. Presidential Debate - The absolutely worst debate that I can remember. The absolute worst. 

Cover Photo

Commuters ride rickshaws through a flooded road after heavy rains in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Mohammad Ponir Hossain / Reuters

Recent Favorites

WWE Survivor Series 2023 Review: "Whaddya Wanna Talk About?"

Well, following that premium live event, in the words of Cody Rhodes... "whaddya wanna talk about?"  The obvious is there, right? CM Punk, somehow, makes a bid for another moment-of-the-year candidate for wrestling fans with another "return" - his second over the last four years. This one, back to the WWE, in what felt like the most improbable of opportunities. But as we've learned, WWE truly is where you "never say never".  You can go in so many directions on this one. But without going too far down a road that hasn't developed or we have some headlights on, it's quite clear that WWE is absolutely crushing the wrestling business right now, and adding anything - or anyone - to that continued record success is the mission. They. Are. Not. Settled.  Second, the unveil I thought was great. Just absolute pro wrestling at its peak. As soon as the guitar riff to "Cult of Personality" hit and the familiar graphics hit the screens, my immedia

Quick Ponder: Gratitude

  My sense of gratitude explodes within my heart when I cease expressing it through the tangible, but rather through, time and moments.  Happy Thanksgiving, all. 

Sunday Sundown Rundown - 11/26/23

3 Up 1. Hostages Released - It might not be an overwhelming consensus - as this topic is so polarizing that I doubt we come to such agreements. Regardless, having innocent individuals released is a plus in the situation. I wish we still didn't have innocent people dying, but that's a whole other topic.  1a. Cease Fire - Who knows how long this will last. But the fact there is an agreement in place while hostages are being released is a plus. Take it.  2. Thanksgiving - The older I get, the more this day has a deeper focus and a sense of gratitude. Please take a moment today to focus on that among all of the chaos of food, family, friends, and everything else.  3. CM Punk Return - How cool was that? CM Punk returns to the WWE at the Survivor Series. Never say never in that company.  3 Down 1. NBA Ethics Optics - From Miles Bridges to Josh Giddey, its been really difficult lately to trust the NBA's moral compass. I'm not throwing them under the bus as they've done the